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Double your distance

Range Boost seamlessly attaches an extra 500Wh battery to compatible Trek electric bikes for up to twice the distance and time between charges. It’s ideal for riders who want to ride longer, commute farther, and adventure bigger.

Main power

All Range Boost compatible e-bikes come with a long-range Bosch battery that's fully encased in the frame thanks to Trek's Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system.

More power

Range Boost adds a second battery to your e-bike so you can go even farther. Plus, it sits on top of your down tube so it won't get in the way of your bike's original RIB battery.

Two work as one

Adding another battery doesn’t add extra hassle. Both batteries charge when you plug in your bike. And your Bosch system automatically draws power from both batteries in the most efficient way possible.

Expert installation

Get Range Boost by stopping into your local Trek retailer and placing an order. They’ll install it for you and ensure your entire Bosch system is performing at its best.

One key access

You’ll still be able to access your bike easily when you add Range Boost. One key gives you access to your main battery, Range Boost battery, and bike lock.

Now or later

You don’t have to add Range Boost now. Just make sure you choose a compatible e-bike, and if you decide Range Boost is right for you, you can upgrade later.

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How much farther can I go?

Twice as far as before!

With Range Boost, you’ll be able to go about two times farther than you would with just one battery. We say "about" because there are so many factors that affect range—including the motor you have, the level of motor support you use, and wind and weather conditions. To help you plan your trips, you can reference the estimated range chart below and use Bosch's range assistant tool to calculate your approximate range.

Calculate your range

Estimated range of 500Wh Range Boost battery

This chart estimates the additional range your 500Wh Range Boost battery can provide. First, find your motor on the left. Then, look to the numbers on the bottom. They correlate to Range Boost's estimated range in different conditions. Light blue shows range in favorable conditions, while dark blue shows range in unfavorable conditions—headwinds, etc.

Range Boost compatible models

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