Powerfly Equipped electric mountain bikes

Equipped for every adventure

Powerfly Equipped has the capability of a trail bike and the versatility of a city bike. This electric mountain bike is made for rugged utility, with durable parts, a suite of adventure-ready accessories, and a reliable Bosch drive system that amplifies your speed and endurance whether you’re exploring singletrack or charging past traffic on your morning commute.

Powerfly FS wins Best in Test from E-Mountainbike Magazine!

"The Trek Powerfly FS 9 blends sporty handling, efficient propulsion and long-distance comfort into a harmonious overall concept. The result: pure riding fun!" - E-Mountainbike Magazine Editors

Capability, meet versatility

Every Powerfly Equipped model comes with a smart accessory package that includes a rear rack, fenders, lights, and a kickstand. It may have the trappings of a city bike, but it has the soul of a true mountain bike.

3 hours
Range on harder, difficult terrain

5 hours
Range on easy, smooth terrain

With e-MTB and e-MTB Lite modes, you can set your assist level and forget it. You’ll feel it kick in with your chosen level of assist on loose, steep terrain and ease off when you don’t need it.

Powerfly Equipped amplifies the experience you already love, delivering a smooth boost of power naturally and predictably across the full range of assist.

Trek's one-piece Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system is the most user-friendly e-MTB setup available. It keeps your battery hidden and protected in the frame, and you can access it from the driveside of your bike without any extra tools.

Battery size
625Wh or 500Wh

Charge time
3-5 hours

If you own something with a button or a screen, you probably already depend on Bosch. But what you might not know is that this technology provider has been quietly running your devices for decades Since 1886, they’ve built a reputation for precision and quality. Today, their technology is trusted in nearly half the world’s phones, millions of homes and offices and garages around the globe, and even on the International Space Station. Does this make them the most over-qualified supplier of e-bike systems ever? Well, yeah. But we wouldn’t partner with anyone that wasn’t. Why? Because dependability is everything. You can count on Bosch when it matters. (Just ask an astronaut.)

Global network of support

Bosch drive systems are renowned for their reliability and ease of use. They deliver a powerful, natural-feeling ride so you can focus on enjoying the trail. Plus, Bosch offers global support and service that can’t be matched!

Equipped for your route

Whether you’re riding a rugged morning commute or planning an overnighter, all Powerfly Equipped models come complete with racks, full-coverage fenders, lights, and a kickstand.

Intelligent smartphone cockpit

Select Powerfly Equipped models feature Bosch’s COBI.Bike system, an intelligent smartphone cockpit that connects your phone to your bike, uses your phone’s screen as the display, and allows you to control apps from the handlebar.

Additional e-MTB options