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In February 2021, Trek introduced the Pathfinders Scholarship, a scholarship program aimed at bringing greater diversity, equity, and inclusion to youth mountain biking.

We received over 350 individual applications from student-athletes representing 70 leagues from over 18 states—and after an intensive review process, we've awarded 150 of those applicants with a Pathfinders Scholarship!

We'll begin accepting applications once again this fall and will subsequently award Pathfinders Scholarships to 100 more cyclists for the 2022 spring season.

What's included in the scholarship?

The Pathfinders Scholarship provides recipients with a Trek Marlin mountain bike, helmet, shoes, accessories, and a kit. Additionally, recipients receive a stipend to cover NICA league membership fees and entry fees for a full season of racing.


NICA's mission is to build strong minds, bodies, and communities through cycling. They develop interscholastic and community-based cycling programs for student-athletes and coaches across the country.

NICA prioritizes confidence and camaraderie over competition, and it builds character and relationships along the way. You don't need to win every race or PR in a ride to feel the empowering effects of the sport. If you show up, hop in the saddle, and give it your all, you're sure to surprise yourself with the things you can accomplish.

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There are over 18,500 kids currently racing mountain bikes on over 1000 teams in 25 state leagues in the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. Under NICA's leadership, organized interscholastic cycling is helping both today's youth and adult coaches become healthier and more engaged members of the communities. We had the opportunity to visit a race at the private Trek Trails in Waterloo, Wisconsin and experience the movement first hand.

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