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Park Tool TS-2.2 Professional Wheel Truing Stand 

$247.99 - $279.99 Model 00659
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The stand most popular for daily use it's true

The world's most popular wheel truing stands and the standard of the bicycle industry for 35 years is now, more than ever, the stand to choose for daily shop use.
Home mechanics and professional shop mechanics alike will turn out wheels that are straighter, rounder and ultimately perform better.

Product details

  1. Uprights accept wheels up to 29" with or without tire
  2. Calipers accept rim widths up to 4"
  3. Heavy gauge steel construction
  4. Removable, replaceable nylon caliper tips to protect painted/anodized rims
  5. Stronger, more comfortable knobs
  6. Uprights move simultaneously to accommodate front and rear wheels
  7. Spring-loaded calipers and caliper arm prevent binding
  8. Smooth, accurate operation

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