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Electra Union Basket Tote

$19.99 $27.99 Model 14864
Electra Basket Totes come in a variety of originally-designed graphics and fun colors. There's one for everyone.
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Totes amazing

Toss whatever you need in the tote bag and free up your hands for steering, high-fiving, or flashing a peace sign.

Product details

  1. 100% Cotton Canvas
  2. Reflective label
  3. Snaps into select Electra baskets
  4. Great for use on or off the bike
  5. Designed to work with Electra Linear QR Mesh Baskets
  6. Designed to work with Electra Linear Baskets and Linear Mesh Headset Mount Baskets

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Cargo capacity 1296 cu in (21L)
Bag type Accessory packs
Dimensions 30.5cm (l) x 30.5cm (w) x 22.9cm (h)
Attachment Snaps
Fiber content 100% Cotton
Material Woven

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