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Your platform for personalization

Accessorizing is all about personal expression, and your bike should fit the way you work, play, and live. FX was designed with personalization in mind, and it’s incredibly easy to install and remove a huge range of accessories and aftermarket components. It’s this potential for customization that makes FX so much more than a simple hybrid. If you’ve seen an accessory that caught your eye, chances are it will work with your FX.

Everyone should install front and rear daytime running lights on their bike for safety, but what you do from there is entirely up to you. Braze-on mounts make the installation of fenders, racks, and water bottle cages a breeze. Bontrager’s Blendr system makes it simple to mount a computer, light or smart phone directly to your handlebars. Want the convenience of a kickstand? You can easily put one on from the comfort of your garage. 

Explore the options below for inspiration, or swing by your local Trek retailer to get started! 

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