A Trek mechanic performs routine maintenance on a bike.

The best bike to #GoByBike may be the one you already have.

There's a whole lot of hope for old bikes, and it's easier than you might realize to turn whatever bike you have into a ride that's perfect for your daily commute. Even if your bike has been neglected, ridden hard, and left outside, a few simple upgrades will go a long way toward getting your bike up and running again.

Don't believe us? Check out the before and after photos of the 7.5 FX below, then keep scrolling to see the upgrades we made to get this model back into riding shape.

2009 7.5 FX before a refresh

Yep, it’s the same bike!

Game-changing upgrades for a better commute


If you only do one thing, do this. Bontrager Daytime Running Lights help you stand out to drivers from over 2km away.



Bontrager’s MIK Back Rack lets you carry more, and even has an anti-theft lock for your bag.



These bags attach to a rack’s side rails so you can portage work essentials, groceries, and more.



Rainy or dry, Bontrager’s NCS Fenders save your shoes and backside from collecting street grime.



The best thing about your bike is that it’s yours. Keep it that way with a Bontrager lock.

An aerial view of a casually-dressed rider turning the corner on an empty city street.

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