Everything you need to know about trekbikes.com consumer orders

Do you have questions about fulfilling consumer orders made from trekbikes.com? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of documents covering trekbikes.com ecommerce policies, accounting for trekbikes.com orders in your inventory, returns, deliveries, and more.

Click and Collect best practices

Customers can order bikes and aftermarket products online from trekbikes.com, pay online, and pick up their purchased items at physical locations using a process called Click and Collect. Make sure you’re following the best practices in this guide for these transactions.

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Return FAQs

Check out the most frequently asked questions regarding the return policy for items purchased on trekbikes.com.

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Delivery best practices

As a retailer, you have the option to offer delivery for orders placed on trekbikes.com. When delivering a customer’s order, make sure you’re following the best practices and steps included in this guide.

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Displaying inventory on trekbikes.com as a non-Ascend retailer

As customers shift from visiting Trek retailers in person to shopping online, it’s never been more important to show accurate inventory. Trek allows your inventory to be displayed on trekbikes.com. For Ascend retailers, this happens automatically. If you’re a non-Ascend retailer, here’s how you can get your inventory to display on trekbikes.com!

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When a customer is returning a product they’ve purchased via trekbikes.com at your store, complete and submit this form while they’re in-store.

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