RockShox Super Deluxe ThruShaft

An evolution in enduro suspension

Modern enduro racing has evolved into a downhill stage race of sorts, taking place on courses stacked with terrain that would have been simply un-rideable a few short years ago. RockShox and Trek saw this evolution coming and launched a partnership that led to the perfect marriage in enduro: best bike, best shock.

For over a year, Trek and RockShox worked in tandem to completely overhaul and reimagine a better suspension system. As Trek developed the bike, RockShox optimized the shock. As RockShox optimized the shock, Trek tweaked the bike—always taking advantage of this close partnership to create the best possible ride. The all-new Super Deluxe ThruShaft was created with a go-anywhere, ride-anything attitude that makes it the ideal match for the next generation of hard-hitting all-mountain enduro bikes.

Reacts to the trail, not you

The Super Deluxe ThruShaft has a new low speed adjuster that can nullify rider inputs like pedal strokes without affecting high speed compression inputs from the trails, like mean, jagged rocks.

Three options, one perfect match

The redesigned low speed compression adjustment offers three options to find your perfect match for how and where you ride.

1. Zero (Factory) Setting

The perfect set-and-forget setting, based on hundreds of hours of feedback from our test riders and Trek Factory Racing riders. The Zero Setting is optimized with just enough low speed compression to provide efficiency, control, and freedom to let loose. It’s your everyday trail setting.

2. Minus Setting

Designed for when you find yourself in over your head and could use a little assist from the bike to bail you out. This setting allows your shock to compress more freely so the suspension can do its job when you’re in steeper terrain where you need every millimeter of travel. Use this setting on rugged downhill trails.

3. Plus Setting

When you have a two-track mind for speed and versatility, the + Setting allows your shock to sit higher in its travel for greater overall pedaling efficiency. Use this on bermed runs or jump lines when you’ll be pushing into the trail.

ThruShaft: a more responsive, efficient shock

The unprecedented design of ThruShaft responds to changes in terrain faster than any other shock on the market, providing a constant connection between rider, bike, and trail. The revelation you’ll experience on the trail is a faster, more controlled ride and a shock that you can feel going to work beneath you.

Rather than a separate IFP chamber for compressed air, ThruShaft employs a solid column of oil, a single damper piston, and a rod that exits the bottom of the shock during compression. This design maintains a constant oil volume within the shock thus eliminating the need for an internal floating piston and the complexity and lag that comes with it. This simplified design does away with the harshness and hesitation that riders often describe when their shock can’t keep up with the terrain. Sometimes, simpler truly is better.

Still don’t understand?… Check this diagram out.

1. Main damper shaft 2. Main piston 3. Solid column of oil with no gas charge 4. Internal floating piston and gas charge. 5. Secondary damper shaft

Built for the burly stuff

You’re gonna be hauling tail down that trail! Things will be coming at you fast! This new shock is purpose-built to handle the wildest descents. When all those fun, nasty things jump out from the trail, this shock will help you handle them.

Dial it in

ThruShaft gives you the freedom to adjust without compromise. With a fully checked damper, your compression settings work independently, without concern for each click of rebound, for consistent compression tune and consistent suspension performance.

Oversized to overdeliver

An oversized thermal compensator delivers greater temperature stability and consistent suspension feel on those extra-long, extra-demanding descents.

Rebound made easy

How many clicks to get to the perfect rebound setting? Find it faster with Rebound clicks numerically indicated to eliminate the number crunching. The numeric rebound dial is available exclusively on Super Deluxe ThruShaft.

Control within reach

The shock controls are ergonomically offset and optimized for the Trek frame so the compression and rebound controls are easy to access from the bike.