Going In

All or nothing

In professional mountain biking, every moment matters. Get up close and personal with Trek MTB athletes as they experience the lows and highs of training, racing, and living for the sport they love in this all-new feature-length film .

Every moment matters

You know it’s gonna be a hit when just the trailer gets you amped to ride.

Behind the scenes with Evie

Evie Richards is the embodiment of the all-in mentality for Trek Factory Racing. She’s fast, she fun, and she’s the absolute best person to take you behind the scenes of the year’s biggest mountain bike film.

Meet Charlie Harrison

We may ride for different reasons, but we all take to the trail for a personal experience. Check out this footage from “Going In” to learn what drives Trek Factory Racing Downhill’s Charlie Harrison.

Welcome to camp

Ever wondered what a team camp for for professional athletes is really like? Get the inside line on Trek Factory Racing’s team training camp with these deleted scenes from “Going In.”


This enduro-ready ride has 150mm of travel and fast-rolling 29er wheels for riders who want to go big and crush techy sections of trail.


Not quite a hardtail. Not just a full suspension bike. Read on to learn about the unique structural suspension design called IsoStrut that puts Supercaliber is in a class of its own.