Cycling shoe accessories

There are lots of cycling accessories with weather-ready features that keep your feet comfortable in any conditions for more fun whatever the forecast.


Cycling socks are designed to keep your feet comfortable during long hours on the road or trail. They are close-fitting, wicking and have no padding or cushioning. These three features work together to reduce rubbing, evaporate sweat and thereby prevent blisters, hot spots and swampy feet. Most cycling socks are made with high-tech synthetic fibres, but you’ll find Merino woven into cold-weather socks for warmth.

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Toe covers and booties

Many cycling shoes have ventilation in the toes, and toe covers and booties act like a barrier against the elements. They fit over your shoes to keep out wind, rain and even snow. Toe covers slip over the toes of your shoes and provide protection on cool, windy days. Booties or overshoes cover your entire foot and therefore provide increased protection for colder days or days with more precipitation.

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The three main types of pedals are platform, platform with toe clips and clipless pedals, but there are tons of different options within these types, each with their own benefit. For example, you can buy a pair of clipless pedals with platforms so you can use them with street shoes for quick trips around your neighbourhood. We recommend heading to your local bike shop to choose pedals, as they’ll be able to help you narrow down choices based on your riding style and personal preferences.


Most cleats are configured with a 2-bolt or 3-bolt system, but there are several different variations within each system. Over time, riders find the type that best suits their preferences and what kind of riding they do. Because there are so many different choices, we recommend popping into your local bike shop for advice on choosing cleats, whether you're picking out your first pair or looking for new options.

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If you experience foot pain while riding, finding a good pair of cycling-specific insoles can make your rides much more comfortable. They'll help support, align and stabilise your feet so you can feel and perform your best.

Toe spikes

Toe spikes give cyclocross racers more traction when they're leaping over barriers and running up hills. They're installed into specific holes in the soles of their cycling shoes for extra grip in the grassy, muddy and sandy terrain found on cyclocross courses.

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