The science of comfort

Comfort and performance go hand-in-hand. Numb hands and feet or pressure points on your saddle make it harder to control the bike and pedal efficiently – making it more difficult to enjoy riding. inForm BioDynamics is an advanced series of Bontrager components and accessories inspired by extensive and ongoing biomechanical research here at Trek that aims to increase comfort and proper positioning on the bike.

Touchpoints are the parts of the bike that come into contact with the rider. They are where you transfer kinetic energy to the bike, so these touchpoints must facilitate power and efficiency. They are also where you feel the impact of road debris or obstacles, so they must be comfortable and absorbent, as well as responsive.

inForm BioDynamics provides touchpoint components and accessories that have been developed with a level of care and testing typically reserved for only the highest-end performance products – but that are designed for anyone and everyone hoping to get more out of cycling.

inForm BioDynamics

The inForm BioDynamic logo has a very purposeful shape. It depicts the three key areas that cyclists constantly engage with while riding. Optimising the touchpoints of the feet, hands and saddle interaction is critical to riding with sustained comfort and performance.

Comprehensive product development

The cycling crowd has grown in diversity throughout the years. Bontrager’s goal is to provide a more enjoyable experience to all cyclists, regardless of body type or previous cycling experience. That’s why we don’t simply test products on our sponsored athletes and call it good. A large and diverse sample set is crucial to learn how a product will perform for most cyclists. With an extensive network of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds involved, our testing process is inclusive and exhaustive, and the results are reflected in our product offerings.

Backed by data

Every product in the inForm BioDynamics line is not only tested with qualitative analysis and the observation of our in-house biomechanical engineer, but undergoes extensive testing with advanced sports science technologies as well.

Our motion capture camera provides precise information about the way a rider is interacting with the bike at critical touchpoints. The camera captures 60 frames a second, providing valuable data that is simply unobtainable to the naked eye. This precision tool elevates the intricacies of how certain touchpoint products are positioning the rider and affecting their movement on the bike.

All saddles and chamois are designed with the consideration of pressure mapping, a seemingly simple yet ultimately enlightening tool that maps the exact locations where a rider’s particular anatomy is interacting with the saddle. This data is invaluable in identifying painful pressure points and ensuring riders are seated in the intended riding position.

Right materials, right placement

Constant experimentation has afforded Bontrager a vast set of data points and a continually increasing in-house body of knowledge regarding biomechanics, cycling performance, and how the two interact. inForm BioDynamics is the result of all that hard work, a collection of products that is the culmination of countless hours in the lab, in consultation, and most importantly, on the bike.

The inForm BioDynamics development process has spent more than a decade identifying the best materials and forming them into shapes that work with the natural movements of your body, offering the highest levels of support in soaking up vibrations and impacts for a more comfortable ride. Learn more about the entire of line-up of inForm BioDynamic products:

Cycling saddles

Handlebar grips

Cycling gloves

Cycling shorts

Cycling shoes

Unconditional Bontrager Guarantee

If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with your Bontrager inForm purchase, return the item, along with proof of purchase, to a Trek retailer or within 30 days for an exchange or refund. This guarantee extends to all Bontrager inForm products.

Be your own test subject

Trek Precision Fit – a comprehensive and personalised fit service offered in select Trek retailers – allows discerning riders to identify the inForm products that are most attuned to their anatomy, positioning on the bike and goals as a cyclist. Though all inForm products are comfortable and performance-ready straight out of the box, Precision Fit provides a more in-depth product selection process for riders who desire it. Find a Trek Precision Fit Retailer near you.