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Looking to change the world? Good. Us too.

We believe bikes are a simple solution to the world’s most complex problems – climate change, congestion, the health of our people and planet. And it’s through the bicycle that we will change our world for the better.

Whether you’re answering calls in Customer Care, working the front lines in retail or designing saddles, everything you do here will help create a better future.

For our planet

We take the bicycle’s world-changing potential seriously – so much so that we’ve changed the products we make and how we make them. We created this continuously evolving plan of action to help us reduce our carbon footprint and be a more conscious global citizen.

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For our communities

We’re committed to supporting organisations and causes that use bikes as a force of good for our planet, communities and every person.

For athletes everywhere

We’re committed to pioneering equity in women’s professional cycling through unrivalled team support, equal minimum salary requirements, matched prize money and more. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. Simple as that.

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Ask any Trek employee what their favourite part of their job is and you’ll almost always get the same answer: their colleagues. People at Trek welcome, inspire and care for one another. And that makes all the difference.

A glimpse into life at Trek

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Cycling Friendly Employer

We think working at Trek is pretty awesome. But don't take our word for it! Trek made Fortune Magazine’s 2020 Best Places to Work in Retail, and since 2021 has held gold status Cycling Friendly Employer award in the UK, an international benchmark for staff well-being, active travel culture and infrastructure in the workplace.

Multiple brands. Endless opportunities.


Born and raised in the humble surf community of Leucadia, California, Electra combines creativity, innovation, design and attention to detail to make the most comfortable bikes possible.

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Bontrager prides itself on making quality, innovative components and thoughtful accessories with a rider-first, no-compromise mentality. Every Bontrager product is built to make your next ride better than your last.

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Ascend is a retail profit machine built for bike shops. Retailers worldwide use our products and services to easily set, measure and track goals and performance while continually forecasting for the future.

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It’s no secret that the best leaders have the happiest and most productive employees. We built a masterclass in leadership to help all Trek employees become better versions of themselves and create a culture of continuous improvement, empathetic support and healthy team dynamics.


Leaders with humility don’t work hard to get credit; they work hard because they care. They’re never boastful, always grateful and forever willing to learn and grow.


To lead with will is to be driven by desire and determination. Wilful leaders are always ready to roll up their sleeves and put in work in order to achieve exemplary results.

Best team in the field

Hiring the right people is about more than just technical fit – we want people on our team who show up every day with empathy, kindness and care.


Iconic leaders aren’t satisfied with the status quo. They’re constantly looking for bigger, better and bolder ways to do things.

Let’s work together to make the world better

Have a cause you’re passionate about? We’ll support you any way we can. Whether you need extra funding, paid time off or another set of eager hands, we’re always happy to help.

Charity support

In addition to the charity, advocacy and community programmes we support that help make the world a better place with bikes, we support our employees charitable donations and fundraising to the causes they are passionate with our matched donations programme and fundraising fund.

Volunteer PTO

All Trek employees have access to paid time off to volunteer for causes that help build our communities, so whether you want to spend the day working at a food bank or empowering our youth, we’ll support you every step of the way.

Lunch ride, anyone?

Humans aren’t meant to sit at a desk eight hours a day. Whatever part of the business you’re in, we encourage you to do things during your workday that help you feel your very best. Whether it’s a lunch ride with your colleagues, a midday walk or weekly therapy, we’ll do whatever we can to support you and make sure you have the time and resources you need to thrive both mentally and physically.