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UK Modern Slavery Act – Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Trek Bicycle Corporation is committed to ensuring that its products are manufactured and produced under conditions of employment that respect workers and their rights. Trek does not use, and does not permit the use of, human trafficking or slavery in the production of any of its products.

Organisational Structure

Trek Bicycle Corporation is an international distributor and manufacturer of bicycles, parts, and accessories selling through 1,700 dealers/distributors in over 90 countries worldwide. Trek manufactures directly in North America and Europe with a global supply chain of manufacturing partners. Trek’s commitment to workers’ rights extends throughout its supply chain and is reflected in its business practices, supplier agreements, and auditing processes.

Policies Related to Slavery and Human Trafficking

Trek Bicycle Corporation has established documented supplier agreements throughout its supply chain, explicitly stating that no violation of any federal, state or local law, statue, rule, regulation, ordinance or order will result from the manufacture, production, sale or shipment of any of the goods and that all such goods will comply in all respects with all such laws, rules, regulations, ordinances and orders. In addition, Trek will not tolerate any harassment, abuse, or discrimination in any of its factories or suppliers’ factories.

Auditing and Remediation

Trek Bicycle Corporation routinely audits facilities throughout its supply chain to ensure that all those making Trek products are in compliance with local laws, rules, and regulations governing human rights. This includes specific checks for human trafficking, slavery, forced/child labour, and ensuring that each employee is upheld the right to freedom of association. In addition, Trek conducts interviews with various employees throughout the supply chain to ensure employees are being treated fairly and are compensated in accordance with local regulations.


Trek has identified which employees are most likely to interact with its supply chain and/or be in a position to identify acts of slavery, human trafficking, or any adverse labour conditions. Trek has provided specific training to these employees. The provided training ensures these employees are not only able to identify areas of concern, but also provides trained employees with the resources to address any concerns that may arise. In addition to Trek employees, the management of Trek’s supply chain are also trained to identify and remediate potential slavery or human trafficking.

Risks of Slavery and Human Trafficking

Trek has evaluated the risks of slavery and human trafficking within its own operations as well as throughout its supply chain. Trek has considered: the roles being performed, the geographic location of the operations, and the socioeconomic conditions of the work environment in regards to potential slavery and human trafficking. As a result of this assessment and Trek’s continued efforts to address slavery and human trafficking, Trek believes these risks to be low.

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