Tour of Waterloo

Trek was founded in a little red barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin, in 1976 and has called this little town our home ever since. Waterloo is a lot like other American small towns – there’s a Main Street, a supermarket, a bowling alley, a Fireman’s Park and a single four-way stop sign. The town makes cheese, pickles, and bicycles. Why Waterloo over everywhere else? Because there’s a great story here and one that we would be happy to show you if you visit. But if you can’t make it, hopefully this tour will give you an idea of the place.

Want to go for a ride?

Up the road a piece from the headquarters are the Trek Trails: a 300-acre bike paradise with 28 miles of pristine midwest single track. Overlooking it all is The Lodge, the place we gather, regroup and share more than a few laughs. And maybe a few beers, too.

The World Cup in our garden

Every year we host the US's largest cyclocross weekend in our very own garden. We never intended to create a race watched by millions across the globe. It just kind of happened.

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Whew, what a tour! As promised, here’s one more story for the road...