Professional bike fitter services in Alamo Heights

Tim Tilton is San Antonio’s premiere bike fitter. With years of experience and the latest cycling technology, a session with Tim will make you a more efficient, powerful, and comfortable cyclist — no matter your experience level.

Tim’s professional bike fitting credentials

Tim has studied under and received certifications from some of the top names and organizations in professional bike fitting.

Trek Precision Fit
Paul Swift, Founder andPresident of RETÜL
Katrina Vogel MS, DPT, Director Clinical Education of RETÜL
MedBridge Education, The Foot/Pedal Interface
Dr. Mark Timmerman MD, Sports Medicine Consultant
Paraic McGlynn, Founder and Chief Technologist of Cyclologic Education

Tim Tilton knows how to make your bike fit your body

With over fourteen years of bike fitting experience, Tim has worked with all types of riders — from beginners to professionals — to maximize their power and efficiency on the bike. And it all starts with comfort.

Your history. Your goals. Your needs.

Tim’s bike fitting process revolves around you. Each session starts with an in-depth rider interview and physical assessment. That way, Tim can tailor the session to your body and your cycling goals.

Expertise and experience meet the latest technology

Using video to capture motion, Tim measures your riding stance down to the millimeter. He evaluates every interface on your bike — from your handlebars to your insoles — to analyze how each touchpoint can be improved.

Small adjustments for big gains

You’ll find that even the smallest adjustments can transform your power and comfort on the bike.

Looking for a new bike? Shop with confidence.

Every session includes Tim’s recommendation on the best bike for you. That way, you can shop for a new ride with confidence knowing your ideal geometry, size, and equipment modification needs.

Bottom line: Comfort is speed

Don’t let a bad fit keep you off your bike or the podium. A visit with Tim will get you set up with the right bike fit to increase your efficiency, improve the speed and duration of your rides, and have you feeling more comfortable in the saddle. Schedule your appointment with Tim at the Trek Alamo Heights Custom Fit studio today.

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