Where will you ride?

Bike tyres are available in a variety of sizes to fit different bike wheels, with a variety of different tread patterns designed for specific terrain. Whereas tyres made for the road are often smoother and narrower to roll fast, tyres made for the trail are wider and have a heftier tread pattern for more traction. As you’re searching for the best tyres for your bike, the first thing to consider is where you’ll ride.

Open road

Tyres for the open road are generally smoother, lighter and roll faster. If you have a road, fitness or commuter bike and spend most of your time on pavement, this is a good place to start. These tyres balance puncture protection and weight, and have varying degrees of tread.

Dirt trails

If you’re riding trails, mountain bike tyres are for you. More tread means more traction, but tyres with a lighter tread generally roll faster and weigh less.

Gravel roads, paths and cyclocross

Like road tyres, these are designed to be lightweight and roll fast – but they also have additional tread for better traction. Tyres with more tread will give you more grip, and smoother tyres will roll faster.

Kids’ tyres

Our kids’ bike tyres are built to stand up to any adventure. But kids’ bikes come in a variety of wheel sizes, so be sure to choose a tyre that fits the wheel!

Awesome tyres for any ride

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