A little extra boost can lead to incredible possibilities. When you ride an electric bike, there’s no ride too long, no load too heavy and no place your legs can’t carry you. Ditch the daily traffic jam, get more exercise and feel great about treading more lightly on the planet. And best of all – have a ton of fun along the way.

Get back in the saddle

Haven’t ridden in a while? The smooth, powerful boost helps you get out for exercise, enjoy the outdoors and feel that kid-like freedom you only get while riding a bike.

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How to know when it’s time to buy an e-bike

E-bike magic, explained

How pedal-assist motors work

Electric bikes work by using an electric motor and battery to help you power your bike. On pedal-assist e-bikes, you control the amount of power the drive system provides and the assist only kicks in when you pedal. The motor amplifies the power behind each of your pedal strokes, providing a natural riding feeling that makes it seem like your legs are supercharged!

Some manufacturers make e-bikes that use a twist throttle to engage the drive system. With these bikes, you don’t have to be pedalling for the motor to be engaged. This can be dangerous, since it’s easy to get out of control if you’re not paying attention. We only make pedal-assist e-bikes, because they feel the most like a regular bike and help riders feel more in command of their ride.

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Parts of an electric bike

Mid-drive motors

Mid-drive pedal-assist motors are located by your pedals. They provide a stable centre of gravity, are easy to shift on hills and feel natural while pedalling. Depending on the model, they output 250-350 watts and can assist up to 15.5mph.

Rear hub motors

This type of pedal-assist e-bike features a motor encased in the hub of the rear wheel. They are generally more affordable and lightweight, making it easier to find one within your price range, so all you have to do is hop on and go.

E-bike displays

Displays and controllers are what you use to see and adjust your e-bike’s settings. They make it simple and easy to change your level of assist, see your speed and distance, and check how much battery power you have left.

E-bike batteries

Batteries are the biggest factor in determining how far your e-bike can go. The higher watt hour (Wh) your battery, the more power capacity. And bikes with our Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system make it easier to take along and charge up.

The general range estimate for an electric bike varies from 20 to 100 miles on a single charge. Yes, it’s really wide! That’s because there are so many factors that determine your range – some you can control, some you can’t. Those you can include the size of your battery, the efficiency of your motor, the level of motor assist you select and how much weight you’re carrying. Those you can’t include wind, weather, temperature and terrain.

How batteries affect range
The bigger your battery, the more capacity you have to go further or go faster. Battery power is measured in watt hours (Wh), the higher the Wh the bigger the battery capacity.

How level of pedal-assist affects range
Your range is directly affected by the assist mode you pick. For example, eco mode provides the least amount of assist, draws the least power from the battery and gives you the longest range. Turbo mode provides the most assist, draws the most power from your battery and will drain your battery the quickest.

To help you figure out the most accurate range estimate your for e-bike, we recommend using Bosch’s range finder tool.

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