Marlin+ is the go-anywhere hardtail electric mountain bike

Plug in and get hooked

Soar up trails, through town and everywhere in between with the ultimate do-anything e-MTB. The Marlin+ is an electric hardtail that gives you all the versatility you crave and adds in a simple boost for flattening climbs and cruising with ease. It packs in the electric mountain bike features that matter most, like a Bosch drive unit and a confident and capable bike frame – without the hefty price tag. Are you ready to get hooked?


Up to 25kph


+50 nm


2 – 4 hours




We’ve been building bikes from top to bottom for five decades and backing up every single one with a lifetime warranty. We don’t expect you to run into any issues, but if you do, we’re here to support you around the globe.

Why Trek?


Bosch has been in the gadget game since the 1800s, engineering and honing the top tech in cars, electronics and more. These days, Bosch is creating some of the world’s best e-bike motors – and just like your friends here at Trek, Bosch backs you with support all around the globe.

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Simplicity is key

Electric bikes are the most fun when you’re focused on the ride and not the controls. The Marlin+ is built around that idea – the bike is loaded with technology that disappears underneath you when you’re riding, so you don’t have to fuss with settings and can just enjoy the ride.

More bike riding, less button mashing

AUTO mode adaptive motor support adjusts assistance level automatically while you ride to help you stay in your flow. It recognises speed reductions and tweaks support to match, so you’re always riding with just the right boost.

True power lies within

An internal Bosch CompactTube 400 watt-hour battery is fixed in the downtube, where it’s clear from the elements. Its high energy density allows for a slim and sleek profile, while an easy-to-use charge port makes topping it up a cinch.

Intuitive and informative

The Purion 200 remote gives you all the data you want with a bright colour display that clearly shows your battery life, range and speed. Simple controls let you change display data and power up your ride.

Your favourite bike goes electric

The Marlin+ builds off the same platform of our most popular Trek – the Marlin. That means you get the same confident handling and versatility as traditional Marlin but with a little boost!

Dialled for the dirt

Take on the rough stuff with a 120 mm suspension fork, dropper seat post that lets you move around, and stiff front and rear thru axles that keep handling precise. Button that up with trail-ready MTB geometry and you’ll be ready to cut loose on the dirt.

Does your ride keep rolling beyond the trail? The Marlin+ is ready for full customisation for cruising the town. Rack, mudguard and kickstand mounts let you add on all the gear you need on commutes to the campus or office.

Your safety matters on every ride – that’s why we set our standards sky high.
Every Marlin+ is backed by Bosch and Trek, so you can count on it to exceed safety standards. And because every detail on your bike is important, we’re here to get your Marlin+ is dialled for you as soon as it’s unboxed. You never even have to lift a wrench.


The e-systems on all Trek e-bikes are third-party tested to meet leading e-bike safety standards, and we're proud to use only systems in the US that pass stringent UL 2849 certification.

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Top-tier batteries

The cells in Trek e-bike batteries come only from Tier 1 suppliers, which means that they're from companies that have the highest requirements for quality, the best documentation, the longest qualification timelines and the most experience manufacturing.

Better battery management

Every battery you'll find on a Trek e-bike has a sophisticated battery management system (BMS), which is like a security guard for the battery's cells.

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