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Electric bikes don’t require much more maintenance than a traditional bike. The main thing is to treat your battery with care, just like you would your laptop or smartphone. And always take your e-bike into a qualified electric bike shop with mechanics who know how to work on e-bike drive systems.

Pre-ride check list

A simple pre-ride check will give you an idea of exactly what you’ll want to adjust before riding, and what may require a deeper look. This process is designed to be fast, simple and easy to do before every ride.

How to inflate your tyres

Proper tyre inflation is crucial to preventing flats, and it also helps ensure efficiency – deflated tyres waste pedalling energy.

Can I ride my electric bike in the rain?

Yes! High-quality electric drive systems are designed to withstand washing and rainfall.

Where can my electric bike be serviced?

Bring your e-bike to a qualified local bike shop whose mechanics are skilled and certified in working on the kind of electric drive system you have. Regardless of which brand of e-bike you choose, always check to see if they have a good electric drive system warranty in case anything should happen to your motor, battery or another part of the system.

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What kind of car rack should I use for my e-bike?

Electric bikes are heavier than traditional bikes, so it’s crucial to ensure that the rack can handle the extra weight. Hitch-mounted racks are the most common racks you’ll see toting electric bikes, but we suggest popping into your local bike shop for personalised rack recommendations. Note that many e-bikes come with mudguards, which can limit your rack choices. Lots of racks function by using 'arms' to secure your bike by the tyres, and mudguards get in the way. It’s also important to consider how you’ll actually get your e-bike onto your rack. Pro tip: removing the battery will make your e-bike easier to lift.

How should I store my electric bike?

Since e-bikes are heavy, it’s ideal to have a safe place to store them at ground level instead of having to lug them up stairs. A garage works well when the weather is temperate, but just like smartphones, electric bike batteries do not like extreme heat or cold. We recommend bringing your battery inside in these cases. If you live in an area where the winters are harsh, we recommend storing your e-bike inside your home where the temperature is more controlled. If you can’t bring your entire bike inside, be sure to bring in the battery.

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