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Bontrager G5 Team Issue MTB Tire

¥7,315(税抜) (税抜) (税抜) モデル 11207


Bontrager's World Cup-winning downhill tire gives you incredible braking control and traction at high speed over aggressive, loose, rocky terrain, wet or dry.

The unique G5 tread profile provides maximum bite at any lean angle, with a predictable transition into controlled slides.


  1. A downhill tire that excels in loose, rocky, and wet conditions
  2. Center knob tie-bar increases braking traction
  3. Dual-step shoulder knobs for high lean angle traction
  4. Open tread spacing is self-cleaning
  5. Dual-Ply multi-layer casing adds stability for heavy-duty DH tires with added butyl layer to prevent flats

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サイズ 27.5" x 2.5" 27.5" x 2.35"
27.5" 27.5"
2.5" 2.35"
TPI 60 tpi 60 tpi
ジュロメーター(硬度計) 42a 42a
ビード ワイヤー ワイヤー
タイプ クリンチャー クリンチャー
Maximum pressure 50psi 50psi
ETRTO 64-584 60-584
重量 1390g 1315g


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