Trek Bicycle Verona | Trek Bicycle Verona

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  • VIA ROVEGGIA 124/126
  • VERONA, 37136  Italy
  • 0454155210
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Guida alla scelta di una e-bike

Siamo entusiasti di convincere le persone a usare le e-bike e sappiamo che ci sono molte domande in merito. Dai un'occhiata al link qui sotto e parla con i nostri esperti per saperne di più sulle bici elettriche!

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정비 패키지

바이크 튠업에 무엇이 포함되는지 자세히 알아보고 싶으신가요? 저희가 제공해드리는 여러 정비 패키지를 아래에서 살펴보세요.

build Level One:
The scrub down
Recommended every 25+ hours of riding
-Align and adjust brakes
-Tune and adjust shifting
-Torque all fasteners
build Level Two:
The deep clean
Recommended every 50+ hours of riding
-Includes all Level One services
-Deep clean drivetrain
-Lateral and vertical wheel true
-Inspect bottom bracket
-Clean and polish bike
build Level Three:
The strip down
Recommended every 100+ hours of riding
-Includes all Level One and Level Two services
-Disassemble and deep-clean all parts
-New cables, housing, and bearing systems*
-Advanced wheel true
-Replace front and rear suspension wipers, seals, and oil**

*Cost of replacement parts not included in package price.

**Pricing may vary for bikes with suspension. Stop in for an estimate.
build Additional e-bike services
Our service packages are electric bike compatible! You can have the same work done on your e-bike as any non-electric bike. However, we do offer a few additional add-on services for Trek e-bikes that cater specifically to their e-systems.*

Add-on e-bike service

– Software update
– Removal and installation of a new battery or motor

Not sure what your e-bike needs? Give your local retailer a call or visit to learn more about their e-bike service offerings.

*Excludes certain e-bike models. Call or visit your local retailer for more information.

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여러분이 구매한 제품에 100% 만족하지 못하셨다면, 30일 이내 교환이 가능합니다.

최저 가격 보증제

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전제품 및 용품 24시간 서비스

우리의 전문 기술자들의 24시간 이내에 여러분의 자전거에 서비스를 제공하거나, 무료 대체품을 지급해드립니다.

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