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Everyday speed

The Ballista LTD Road Shoe is lightweight, aerodynamic, and super efficient—and it has a rear mount BOA® Fit System that provides incredible security for riders who want to get the most power out of every pedal stroke. This limited-edition shoe also comes in a high-visibility color with integrated reflective elements that can help you stand out on every ride.


  1. Hi-vis colorway and integrated reflectivity adds contrast to enhance visibility, day and night
  2. inForm Pro last delivers an ergonomically optimized, high-performance fit
  3. 100% OCLV carbon sole is extremely lightweight and stiff for efficient power transfer
  4. Heel-mounted BOA® IP1 dial offers precise, two-way fit adjustments
  5. Stiffness index 12 of 14
  6. Streamlined, aerodynamic upper helps to reduce drag
  7. No-sew, fused upper for lightweight construction
  8. Heel Reel draws foot down and back to create a secure heel lock for a more efficient pedal stroke




Gender メンズ
クリート互換性 SPD SL 3ボルト
クリートカバーが付属 いいえ
Closure type ダイアル
繊維含有率 - 靴底 100% カーボン
Fiber content - upper 100% ナイロン
繊維含有率 - ライナー 100% ポリエステル
バッグを含む いいえ

サイズ & フィット


US Men

US Women

UK Men




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