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Trek electric city bikes are sporty, comfortable and built with dependable drive systems and long-lasting batteries that can be charged at any household outlet – all of which makes them great for daily commutes on city streets, cruises around the neighbourhood and riding just for the fun of it.

Plus, many Trek city e-bike models come fully equipped with accessories like racks, mudguards and more, and every model is easy to customise with the gear you need for your specific riding style.

What is a 'city e-bike'?

City e-bikes have an electric assist that makes it easier to conquer hills and cover more distance = faster. Most are designed for use on tarmac surfaces like bike paths and city streets, but they’re also versatile and many are equipped with parts that allow you to venture off smooth surfaces to gravel and mixed surfaces.

How does a city e-bike work?

Trek city e-bikes use pedal-assist systems that engage when you turn the pedals to boost your power. The assist is fun, natural and intuitive. The best part? It opens a world of possibilities, allowing you to ride further and faster than ever.

Why you’ll love your city e-bike

Trek electric city bikes give you power and possibility. They shorten your commutes, flatten hills and let you experience more of what you love about riding.

Safer, sustainable batteries

All Trek e-bike batteries are third-party certified for safety and durability, so all you need to worry about is where you’ll ride next. Plus, we've even partnered with Call2Recycle to safely recycle used e-bike batteries at the end of their life to keep them out of landfills.

Reliable electronics and support

Bosch technology

With long-life batteries, powerful motors and advanced tech, Bosch e-bike systems offer exceptional reliability and easy connectivity to smartphone apps on select models.

Hydrive systems

The lightweight Hydrive system offers simplicity and style with a discreet battery and controls for mid-range riding. It’s perfect for first-time e-bike riders and anyone who’ll trade a little range for a lighter set-up.

Shop Hydrive-equipped city e-bikes

Trek global support

Trek works with only the most trusted partners in e-bike electronics, which is exactly why we can back them with world-class support. We’re here for you!

Why choose Trek


Sleek, speedy and ultra-premium. The Allant+ makes long commutes fun and is an awesome choice for replacing your car.

Assist: Up to 28 mph
Range: Up to 80 miles
Battery size: 500 Wh to 625 Wh
Frame styles: Diamond and stagger