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Why choose a Trek e-bike?

We’re bike people

Every Trek e-bike is the culmination of 40 years of product knowledge and development experience. In a market where new brands and manufacturers are popping up like wildflowers, Trek offers the confidence that comes only with an established track record in the industry.

Premium, reliable Bosch electronics

Quality e-bikes require quality electronic systems. That’s why Trek partners exclusively with Bosch, the leaders in electronic motor and drivetrain design, to power our entire line-up of electric bikes.

Sure, you can slap a variety of motors on virtually any frame for a makeshift electric Franken-bike. But there’s no denying the value of an integrated system designed specifically for your preferred style of riding, produced and engineered by the world’s foremost names in cycling components and consumer electronics.

Bosch systems feel great from your first ride and perform reliably for years to come. Plus, they’re backed by generous warranties, easily serviced by our worldwide network of retailers, and developed in partnership with cycling industry leaders, including Trek.

How’s the ride?

Trek e-bikes simply amplify your pedalling effort. They pedal like a normal bike, but the wind is always at your back and hills melt away.

What’s the range?

General range is 20-100 miles, based on power mode, terrain and other riding conditions.

Need to charge?

Simply plug into a standard wall socket and allow 3-5 hours to charge a depleted battery.

Need service?

Maintenance is generally the same as any other bicycle. The battery is temperature-sensitive, so store it indoors when temps reach extremes.

My e-bike challenge

'I challenged myself to ride an e-bike for a month in lieu of driving my car to see if I could save money on fuel, use a different mode to run errands and increase my non-exercise activity.'

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Ride hard, ride home

The challenge materialised after an off-the-cuff comment. René Wildhaber, a sometimes-retired professional enduro rider who shreds with the best of them, had had enough of his mechanic’s driving.

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