Which electric bike is best? Trek e-bikes for every rider

There’s an electric bike for however you like to ride – whether you’re a farmer’s market cruiser, century crusher or dedicated trail tamer. And Trek’s latest city, mountain and road e-bikes are faster, lighter and quieter than ever before. Scroll on to browse every e-bike in our line-up and find the best electric bike for you.

Entirely new to e-bikes? Check out the guide below to learn the basics – from electric bike anatomy to e-bike tech and terms.

Electric city bikes

Electric mountain bikes

Electric road bikes


Sleek, speedy and ultra-premium. The Allant+ makes long commutes fun and is an awesome choice for replacing your car.

Assist: Up to 28 mph
Range: Up to 80 miles
Battery size: 500 Wh to 625 Wh
Frame styles: Diamond and stagger

Fuel EXe

The Fuel EXe is an e-MTB that bridges the gap between power and peace with an ultra-quiet assist that all but disappears in the woods.

Assist: Up to 20 mph
Range: 2 to 5 hours
Battery size: 360Wh
Torque: 50Nm


The Rail is a hard-charging electric trail bike with plenty of travel and proven technology to get you through the rough stuff.

Assist: Up to 20 mph
Range: Up to 6 hours
Battery size: 750 Wh or 500 Wh
Torque: 85Nm


The Powerfly is a versatile and powerful e-MTB that helps you explore more of your off-road world.

Assist: Up to 20 mph
Range: 3 to 5 hours
Battery size: 500 Wh or 625 Wh


Our lightest full-suspension electric mountain bike delivers the perfect amount of suspension and power for long, fast XC rides.

Assist: Up to 20 mph
Range: 3 to 5 hours
Battery size: 250 Wh

Domane+ SLR

The Domane+ SLR is our lightest and fastest e-road bike, complete with our highest-level OCLV Carbon, premium components and a natural-feeling assist that keeps you quick and comfortable on epic all-day adventures.

Assist: Up to 28 mph
Range: Around 60 miles
Battery size: 360Wh