Two riders on Verve electric bikes pedal casually toward the camera as warm morning sun lights up the paved bike path.

Ride in comfort, ride for fun

Verve+ is an electric hybrid bike designed for comfort on commutes, daily cruises and recreational rides. If you’re looking to get an e-bike but you’re not sure what kind, chances are Verve+ is just what you need. It’s the perfect choice for riders who want a single high-value ride that delivers an incredible amount of versatility.

A frame fit for you

Every Verve+ is built with a lightweight aluminum frame that’s strong and easy to control. It’s available in multiple styles, including options with a lower standover height that makes it easy to hop on and go and hop off when your ride is over.

See your world from the saddle

Verve+ puts you in the perfect position to see the world around you. It’s an upright geometry that’s comfortable over long distances, easy on your back and natural while you’re pedalling. It lets you take in the sights and stay in control—all while enjoying your ride.

The ultimate comfort ride

Verve+ models with lowstep frames are even easier to mount and dismount. They’re perfect for riders who want extra comfort and confidence on every ride. No matter which frame style you pick, every Verve+ is equipped with plush saddles and ergonomic grips that guarantee comfort wherever your body contacts your bike.

More confidence, more control

Wide tyres give you extra traction on any surface and all the grip you need when you’re cornering. Every model is also equipped with hydraulic disc brakes that provide consistent, reliable stopping power in any weather conditions.

Ready for your adventure

The full suite of included accessories—like lights, fenders and a rear rack—turn your everyday e-bike hybrid into the perfect companion for daily commutes, trips to the grocery store and everything in-between. Verve+ helps you do more by bike.

World-leading Bosch performance

If you’re considering an e-bike without a Bosch system, you’re heading down the wrong path. Bosch has led the world in battery and motor innovation for decades, and they’re the only supplier that provides outstanding global support and service.

A closeup of a Bosch Active Line electric bike motor on a blue bike. The rider’s left foot is blurry in the foreground.

Simple, reliable power

Bosch systems make the e-bike experience simple, putting the power right at your fingertips. You control when and how much boost you get so you can ride faster, cover more ground, skip the traffic jams and have more fun on every ride.

Long-life battery

Spend your time in the saddle, not charging up. Whichever Verve+ model you choose, you’re getting a battery that’s primed for longer rides. And when you do need to charge up, it’s as easy as charging your phone—and you can charge your Verve+ battery on or off your bike.

Incredible global support

Bosch’s dependable e-bike systems are backed by an outstanding warranty, worldwide support, and expert service at Trek retailers around the globe.

Verve+ is an e-bike hybrid that gets you outside more and helps you make the most of every commute, cruise and workout.

Two riders casually cruise down a beautiful bike path by a lake.

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