Mountain bikes

Looking to hit the trails, but don’t know where to start? There are a lot of different ways to ride off-road, and we’re here to help you choose the right mountain bike for however and wherever you want to ride.

Cross-country mountain bikes

Top Fuel

The Top Fuel is a full-suspension XC ripper that’s fast on flow and loves getting down on techy trails.


Game-changing IsoStrut suspension tech makes this World Cup carbon race bike fast, light and smooth.


This carbon XC bike pairs hardtail efficiency with fatigue-fighting IsoSpeed comfort for blazing-fast races.


Our entry-level XC race bike delivers speed, efficiency and quick handling on singletrack.


Marlin’s made for all-terrain adventure, whether you’re exploring singletrack or the urban jungle.

Trail mountain bikes


A long-travel all-mountain bike built for racing rugged enduro lines and having a rippin’ good time in the rough.


Snappy 27.5˝ wheels make this the rig for popping off jumps, railing corners and throwing the bike around.

Fuel EX

The ride-it-all MTB. It’s fast, capable and fun everywhere – no wonder it’s our most popular trail bike!


This hardtail’s all about having a blast on the trail thanks to wider, grippy tyres and a longer travel fork.

Electric mountain bikes


The Powerfly is a versatile and powerful e-MTB that helps you explore more of your off-road world.

Powerfly Equipped

Built for trail riding and commuting, the Powerfly Equipped comes decked out with ride-ready accessories.


A hard-charging electric trail bike with plenty of travel and proven technology to get you through the rough stuff.


Our lightest full suspension e-MTB delivers the perfect amount of suspension and power for long, fast XC rides.

Fuel EXe

The Fuel EXe offers just the right amount of quiet assist when you want it and disappears under you when you don't.

Fat bikes


Farley's fat tyres give you incredible traction to tackle everything from sand dunes to snow drifts.

Downhill mountain bikes


This World Cup champ is built to clock the fastest times down the biggest mountains.


For those who spend most of their time in the air perfecting whips, flips and other gravity-defying tricks.

Now that you know what type of riding you want to do, let’s narrow your choices down. The most common types of bikes – trail and cross country – can either be full suspension bikes with both front and rear shocks, or hardtails with no rear shock.

Full suspension mountain bikes

These bikes have both front and rear shocks. That makes them more comfortable and easier to control over rough terrain. Rear suspension helps keep the back wheel tracking the ground, so you get better traction. However, the rear shock and the hardware that goes with it usually make the bike heavier. The additional movement from the shock can often make pedalling less efficient, especially on sprints and smooth climbs. Plus, more moving parts means more maintenance.

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Hardtail mountain bikes

These bikes usually have front suspension, but no rear shock. That makes them lighter and easier to maintain. They are usually faster to pedal, especially in sprints and on smoother climbs. However, with no rear shock to absorb bumps, it takes more effort to stay in control over rough terrain. It’s also easier to lose traction, especially on rougher climbs. That’s why Trek hardtail trail bikes have wider tyres with more grip.

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Are there women-specific mountain bikes?

Every rider deserves a bike that fits and feels great, whatever their gender, body type, style of riding or level of experience. Most of our line-up is gender-neutral, so we can offer more models in more sizes and colours to ensure that everybody gets more choice. For that reason, we recommend starting your search by checking out types of bikes (cross country, trail, etc.) instead of simply starting with a women-specific bike.

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What about electric mountain bikes?

Electric-assist mountain bikes boost your pedalling power with a small electric motor. You pedal them like any other bike but can go further and explore more places than you could on a regular bike. Whether you’re a cross country or trail rider, an e-MTB will give you more of everything you love about mountain biking.

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What size mountain bike do I need?

Humans come in a wide range of sizes, and so do our mountain bikes. We make bikes for short people, tall people and everyone in between. Choose the right mountain bike size for your height to get the best comfort and the most fun.

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What wheel size is best for me?

Mountain bike wheel size can seem complicated, but it’s not. Most of our cross-country and trail bikes come with 29-inch wheels because they carry more speed and roll over obstacles more easily. The smallest sizes on some models come with more proportional 27.5-inch wheels that give shorter riders a better fit and easier handling. Since smaller wheels are more nimble and easier to throw around, we also use them on Remedy – our trail bike built for playful riding and extra style points on jumps.

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Where do I ride?

Learn how to find your local trails, people to ride with and basic trail etiquette.

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