A silver city commuter bike with hi-vis fenders and loaded-up rear panniers.

We all need stuff

Groceries, clothes, books, that extra pair of favourite cycling socks – if it’s important to you or essential to your day, it matters. But it shouldn’t be the thing that keeps you from choosing your bike.

Using panniers is a great way to carry what you need for the workday, play and everything in-between. These bags attach to a rear rack and sit along either side of your bike’s rear wheel while you ride.

They’re roomy, stylish and easy to pack. And with a little knowledge, you’ll find there’s (almost) nothing you can’t carry in them.

Size right for your use

Panniers are available in multiple sizes and usually best in pairs. Try to keep the weight even on each side so you’re balanced while riding.

An aerial view of a casually-dressed rider turning the corner on an empty city street.

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