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We're here for you

Nous sommes là pour vous

Trek Bicycle Toulouse est l'endroit idéal pour trouver les derniers produits Trek et Bontrager ainsi qu'un service d’entretien en moins de 24 heures pour les vélos de toutes marques. Que vous cherchiez un nouveau VTT, vélo de route, électrique ou pour enfant, notre équipe est là pour vous aider à trouver le modèle idéal mais aussi pour vous indiquer les meilleures sorties dans la région, alors n'hésitez pas à venir discuter avec eux. Notre magasin organise souvent des activités et ateliers afin de permettre aux cyclistes de la région de se rencontrer et de faire des sorties, suivez-nous sur Facebook ! Nous restons joignable par téléphone ou à l'adresse email suivante : [email protected]

  • — Trek Bicycle Toulouse

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Get more bike for your buck

We’re dropping the price to save you money on 2019, 2020, and 2021 bikes, so you can get spinning on the best ride for your dollar. Check out these incredible sale prices by clicking on each bike model from years prior.

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e-bikes 101

We’re excited to get people riding e-bikes, and we know there are lots of questions about them. Check out the link below or stop in to talk with our experts to learn more about what electric bikes are all about!

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24-hour service

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your bike running smoothly ride after ride. Explore the service packages below and stop in or call today to schedule your next tune-up!

build Level 1 Service Package
Recommended every 50-hours
Everything torqued, aligned, and adjusted.

After a bike wash, we’ll dial in your brakes, tune and adjust your shifting to perfection, and ensure that all fasteners are torqued to manufacture specifications

• Align and adjust brakes
• Align and adjust shifting
• Adjust headset
• Inspect bottom bracket
• Bike wash

Replacement parts not included in service package price.
build Level 2 Service Package
Recommended every 50-hours
Everything cleaned, tensioned, aligned, and adjusted.

After a bike wash and thorough deep clean of the drivetrain, we’ll true and tension the wheels, dial in your brakes, tune and lube your shifting to perfection.

Level 2 includes everything from the Level 1 plus:
• Remove and deep clean all drivetrain components
• Lateral and vertical wheel true

Additional 50-hour Suspension Service Recommended for Mountain:
• Fork seal and rear air can service

Replacement parts not included in service package price.
build Level 3 Service Package
Starting at $379.99*
Recommended every 100-hours
The entire bike stripped, cleaned, lubed, and tuned to perfection.

Every bolt, every bearing, every part. We’ll start by stripping your bike to the bare frame for a deep clean and inspection, then we’ll re-lube inner surfaces and rebuild it. If it’s been a while, or if you have put serious miles in all-conditions, this one’s for you.

Level 3 is everything included in Level 2 plus:
• Disassemble entire bike and deep clean all parts
• Overhaul and replace all bearing systems
• Flush and replace hydraulic brakes
• Replace and re-route all cables and housing
• Overhaul front and rear mountain bike suspension and dropper post

Replacement parts not included in service package price.
*Pricing may vary for bikes with suspension. Ask your service technician for details.

Service made simple

When it’s time to bring your bike in, here’s what we’ll do.


When we ask, “How can we help you today?” we mean it. We want to know any concerns you’re having; how far, how often, and where you like to ride; and if you have any big goals or races coming up. That way we can provide exactly what you need to get the most out of your bike.


One of our service advisers will put your bike in the stand and run it through our professional inspection process. They’ll describe what they’re doing, what they’re noticing, and address all of your concerns.


From there, we'll discuss a holistic solution that addresses the needs of you and your bike. We'll also create an itemized receipt to make sure you're comfortable with repair costs before we get to work.

Get to fixin’

Leave your bike with us, and we'll do the rest! You'll receive an email and/or text when your repairs have been completed, and we'll be sure to give you a call if anything pops up along the way. Plus, we know how hard it is to go a day without your bike – much less two weeks – which is why we strive for 24-hour service turnaround on all makes and models.