A paint-splattered background with a close-up of a down tube with a paint-splattered Trek logo.

Curated to perfection, ready for customization

The Project One Designer Series features a collection of patterns and color combinations curated by our very own in-house design team.

Think of it as a mini collaboration between you and one of our top designers. They’ve created the pattern and a selection of color combinations that are guaranteed to look awesome. You get to take what they’ve created and make it your own with our Project One configurator.

It’s the perfect balance of personal preference and professional expertise.

Two renderings of a man's head facing back-to-back with the name "Gregory Thorne" on top of it.

When Gregory Thorne began work on the Abstract series, he wanted to explore a different way of applying paint to a bike by physically painting a piece of artwork, photographing the completed canvas, and applying it to Trek’s decal template. This resulted in a blend of physical brush strokes, spray lines, and paint splatter unlike anything possible with the traditional frame painting process.

The painting itself was inspired by the Abstract Expressionist Movement and the works of Jackson Pollock. Also referred to as “action painting,” Thorne wanted his design to have an energetic feel that paid homage to both the art form and the sport of cycling. The outcome is a burst of shapes and colors reminiscent of the blur of cycling kits as the peloton rushes by.

The colors Thorne chose were meant to be bold and in your face—or, in his words, “scream neon techno punk.” Rock and roll.

The designer

Gregory Thorne – Product Graphic Designer

Gregory Thorne was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and immigrated to Melbourne, Australia, where he developed a unique fascination for design and sport at a young age. After a rugby injury led Thorne to take up cycling, he quickly became captivated with the fashion, style, and culture surrounding bikes. Prior to his work at Trek, Thorne founded a boutique cycling apparel brand called Kern Cycling, and refined his skills as a freelance designer for industry icons like Rapha and Cyclingtips. Thorne describes his style as “considered,” garnering inspiration from high fashion, street style, and racing with mates. He’s drawn to strong prints, bold geometric patterns, and vibrant colors indicative of his South African heritage.

A quilt-like pattern made up of several flags.

Micah Moran is a racer in practice and at heart, and as Trek’s Senior Product Graphic Designer, he’s constantly reminded of Trek’s rich racing history.

So when he set out to create Palmarés, he dedicated himself to making something representative of Trek’s storied past and indicative of a boundless future.

Palmarés is made up of quilt-inspired depictions of iconic team kits and champion jerseys from Trek’s vast history of sponsorships and race victories. Every jersey in this design was won and worn by someone riding a Trek, from Katie Compton’s stars and stripes to the iconic RadioShack jersey and the Tour de France’s coveted maillot jaune.

In the essence of traditional quilt making, this paint scheme represents an enduring legacy and a community brought together by a love for cycling.

The designer

Micah Moran – Senior Product Graphic Designer

Micah Moran’s penchant for design began with an obsession for ordinary objects. He was drawn to newspapers, magazines, and baseball cards. But it wasn’t about the words or the status of the players. He was intrigued by how the stats were presented, the quality of the photographs, and the materials being used. An elite racer and bike shop employee since age 15, cycling is at the core of Moran’s identity, and he’s pleased to have had the chance to design bikes in collaboration with cycling icons like Sven Nys, Alberto Contador, and Katie Compton. Moran’s approach to design involves pushing the boundaries of gridded, geometric compositions until nothing can be added, but nothing can be taken away. When he’s reached this delicate balance, only then does he consider his work complete.

A close-up of a glittery bike frame with a shiny rainbow Trek logo.

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