P1 Designer Series

Curated to perfection, ready for customization

Project One Designer Series features a curated collection of patterns and colors that have been hand-picked by our own in-house artists and are just waiting for your finishing touch.

Think of it as a mini collaboration between you and our top designers. They’ve taken their time to thoughtfully craft combinations of color and pattern that are guaranteed to look good, so you know your bike will catch the eye of jealous onlookers wherever you roll.

It’s the perfect balance of personal preference and professional expertise.

Checkpoint SLR Driftless
Driftless brings Project One down to earth, paying homage to the breathtaking geography of our home state. It’s adorned with topographical maps of Wisconsin’s Driftless region—an area left untouched by the last ice age, with deep creeks that cut into the ancient bedrock, and steep, rugged bluffs that beg to be explored.

Domane Formula Fast
Formula Fast takes inspiration from Formula One and rally car racing with bold colors and details that walk the line between modern and nostalgic. It features customizable numbers and icons that give a nod to the most hellish of the Spring Classics, where Formula Fast brought home gold under Elisa Longo Borghini at the 2022 Paris Roubaix Femmes.

Madone SLR Collector’s Edition
Highlighting the stunning silhouette of Madone, the Collector’s Edition paint scheme is sleek, understated, and classic. It features a raw carbon seat tube that offers the optical illusion of negative space, accentuating the beauty of Madone’s aerodynamic geometry and IsoFlow cutout. It’s available in nine rich metallic color combinations that elevate depth while maintaining a sophisticated, minimalist finish.
Micah Moran
Senior Product Graphic Designer
Micah Moran’s penchant for design began with an obsession for ordinary objects. He was drawn to newspapers, magazines, and baseball cards. But it wasn’t about the words or the status of the players. He was intrigued by how the stats were presented, the quality of the photographs, and the materials being used. An elite racer and bike shop employee since age 15, cycling is at the core of Moran’s identity, and he’s pleased to have had the chance to design bikes in collaboration with cycling icons like Sven Nys, Alberto Contador, and Ruth Winder. Moran’s approach to design involves pushing the boundaries of gridded, geometric compositions until nothing can be added, but nothing can be taken away. When he’s reached this delicate balance, only then does he consider his work complete.