Kids bike accessories

These awesome kids' bike accessories are designed for fun and safety, and they can lend some seriously special flair to your little one's ride.

Kids’ bike helmets

Always, always make sure your child wears a good helmet—no matter if they’re riding down the driveway or biking all the way to school.

Kids’ bike lights

Riding with front and rear lights is the best way to boost your child’s visibility and help them stand out to motorists wherever they're riding.

Bells and streamers

Nothing’s more fun than customizing your bike—and it makes kids want to ride more, too!

Kids’ bike gloves, grips, and more

If your little is really getting into the two-wheeled life, get them gear that’ll make them feel like a pro.

Kids’ bike handlebar bags and baskets

It’s not just a bag—it’s a treasure chest for stashing snacks, rocks, and other fun finds.

Pull-behind trailers

These trailers are great for going on longer rides with bigger kids, or for giving your littlest one the chance to tag along on family bike rides around the neighborhood.

Why choose a Trek?

We want your kids to enjoy biking just as much as you do, so we put the same amount of dedication and know-how into their bikes as we do yours. This matters because learning to ride on a well-designed bike is both easier and more enjoyable, and when your little one loves riding as a kid they'll love riding forever. Each one of our kids’ bikes is made with durable, high-quality materials and assembled by a professional mechanic so you can focus on having fun with your little ones for years to come.

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