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Down to earth, out of this world

First there was the forest. Next came the trail. And then there were mountain bikes. Hardtails for hammering. Full suspensions for crushing. Short travel whips. Long travel steeds. High-powered e-bikes. Now – there’s Fuel EXe. Evolved to break the mould, bridge the gap and elevate your ride with quiet assist that all but disappears in the woods. The Fuel EXe is everything you’ve been craving on the singletrack. It’s a full suspension e-mountain bike that flattens climbs and pushes you further on every ride, without interrupting the way you experience the trail.

It’s your best trail ride ever, with extra Fuel in the tank.

Natural look. Natural ride. Surprisingly electric.


Tonality units – barely perceivable

Up to 32 km/h

2-5 hrs/360 Wh

3-7.5 hrs with 160 Wh extender

50 nm

Innovation of the year: TQ-HPR50 Motor

'That tiny harmonic pin ring drive unit is the golden goose of e-bike motors.'

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Design & Innovation Award 2023

“Trek Fuel EXe ushers in a new generation of Light-eMTBs, combining the nimble handling of an analogue mountain bike with the motor support of an ebike.”

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TIME Best Inventions of 2023

The Fuel EXe's natural-feeling assist and stealthy good looks earned it a coveted spot on TIME's Best Inventions of 2023 list.
From TIME. © 2023 TIME USA LLC All rights reserved. Used under licence.

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Nothing else like it

Most e-bike motors use gears and belts to move you forward – but belts and gears lash, slip, rattle and wear out over time. That disconnects you from the ride. The Fuel EXe uses an award-winning motor unlike anything else – the TQ’s HPR50 harmonic pin ring transmission. The HPR50 is not only smaller and lighter than traditional e-bike motors, but it also uses fewer moving parts, so it’s smoother, quieter and more durable, too. You get more of the ride experience without any downside.

Less is more

When we’re on the trail and connecting with nature, we don’t want to hear more than the sound of our tyres on the dirt, the wind through the trees, and the hoots and shouts of our riding crew. Up until now, e-bikes have pulled us away from that experience with high-pitched motors that take us out of the element. The Fuel EXe is different. It’s not only quieter – it’s less annoying.

Tonality (sound perception)

When it comes to sound, decibels don’t tell the whole story. Sounds like a ripping current of a river or wind rustling through trees might measure in as quite loud, but they don’t distract us from the ride. That has everything to do with something called tonality.

Simply put, tonality is the measurement of how annoying and perceivable a sound is. It’s the difference between the crunch of leaves under your tyre, and a squeaking brake rotor.

Cadence and tonality

Tonality is measured in tonality units, or tu for short. Sounds that measure under 0.1 tu aren’t perceivable to the human ear, while sounds over 0.4 tu are grating and annoying.

The Fuel EXe’s motor is tuned for tone, measuring in under 0.2 tu – five times less perceivable than other light-assist bikes – so you can forgo the annoying whine of most e-bike motors to stay in the moment and connected with nature while you ride.

Data recorded in an anechoic chamber using a calibrated B&K 4966-h-041 microphone and Siemens SCADAS data acquisition unit with an acoustically-isolated Wahoo Kickr trainer set to 300 W total resistance and bikes in maximum-assist mode. Microphone was located 1 m laterally from the bottom bracket and 1.7 m off the floor (head height) and sampled at 51,200 Hz. Tonality calculated in Siemens Testlab Neo according to the ECMA-74:2019 standard.

While some e-bikes feel cumbersome and bulky, the Fuel EXe is light, nimble and playful, just as a trail bike should be. Its capable geometry is fine-tuned for barrelling into berms and making light work of tech trails, lacing turns through tight aspens and gnawing through rowdy rock gardens. Instead of being flung uphill like a rocket launcher, the Fuel EXe’s assist feels natural, barely there – like an extension of your own power, so you can ride just as you would on a traditional mountain bike.

Built like a trail bike. Rips like a trail bike.


The Fuel EXe is built with trail bike geometry that’s slack and capable out front with a 65-degree head tube angle.


A 77-degree seat tube angle keeps you perched for punchy climbs and long pedal fests up fire roads.


With a compact motor, the Fuel EXe’s chain stays are able to stay tight at just 440 mm, keeping the ride nimble and playful.

Carbon or alloy – the choice is yours

Now with both carbon and aluminium offerings, the Fuel EXe offers incredible electric performance to meet your needs and budget. Test your mettle with the Fuel EXe Alloy or go ultra light and lively with the Fuel EXe Carbon.

Dialled for how you ride

The Mino Link lets you quickly adjust your geometry, so your bike is always tuned for the terrain and your riding style. Plus, you can take geometry tweaks even further with adjustable angle headset cups on the Fuel EXe Alloy (sold separately).

Simple battery solution

In-tube battery storage keeps your battery securely stashed while you ride, but simple to remove with just an hex wrench.

Non-stop suspension

Trek’s exclusive Active Braking Pivot keeps your suspension active while you’re braking (which is often when you need it most).

Hammer out big mile days with Range Extender. This compact bottle-shaped back-up battery offers 160 Wh of power that extends the distance you can ride by 44%. It tucks neatly in your existing bottle cage for simple connection to the charge port, which is located high on the down tube to stay clear from mud and make charging up simple. No additional hardware swapping needed. Just toss it in the existing cage, plug in and go.

Tuned to you

You’re in control with three completely adjustable motor tune settings that can be easily tweaked on the fly. Quickly adapt your Fuel EXe to your terrain or riding style from the Trek Central app.

Plan your ride

Map out the perfect ride with easy-to-use maps and let the app show you how far you’ll make it with your current battery level.

See your stats

Keep track of the hours you spend in the saddle, the distance you ride, battery usage and calories burned with activity tracking.

Make history

Scroll through a complete history of your rides and work towards new goals with ride history that logs every ride automatically when your Fuel EXe is paired to the Trek Central app.

Plays well with others

Pair your Trek Central app with Strava and Komoot to seamlessly communicate ride details and automatically log your rides across different apps.

Which is right for you?


Want an e-MTB that doesn’t hold back on power? The Rail is the choice for riders who want to blast up climbs effortlessly with a full-powered steed. It’s built for those who consider the trail their second home and want a ride that rips as hard as its non-electric siblings.

Fuel EXe

Looking for a balance of power and natural ride feel? The Fuel EXe offers smooth assist that doesn’t overdo it. With just enough power to make climbing a breeze, and a lightweight, nimble ride that feels like a traditional trail bike, the Fuel EXe is the go-to for those who want an e-bike that doesn’t look like an e-bike.

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