There’s a lot of dirt out there, and we want to make sure you explore every inch. The all-new Rail with smart system delivers more range, more connectivity and more customisability for the ultimate e-MTB adventure machine. It rips like a rowdy analogue trail bike with 160/150 mm travel, proven Trek suspension and aggressive geometry, plus it powers you swiftly up the mountain and beyond.

Up to 25 km/h

85 Nm.

6-4 hrs

750 Wh

Connection and control at your fingertips

Bosch’s new eBike Flow app will elevate your eMTB experience. It works with both iOS and Android phones, auto-updates your remote and display with the latest features, and the home screen gives you a quick overview of your most important ride data like battery status and range.

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Customise your assist

You can fine tune the assist modes to your liking, so they offer more support or consume less power.

Record ride and fitness data

Tracking starts as soon as you put foot to pedal and when you take a break, it pauses automatically. Plus, it synchronises your data in real time with integrated apps like Apple Health.

Fully connected, fully customisable

A new LED remote and Kiox 300 computer smartly handle all your on-bike controls. The remote is also what connects your smartphone to your e-MTB via Bosch’s eBike Flow app.

Ergonomic LED remote

Easy to access with your hands on the bars, this new remote features colour-coded ride modes for instant recognition. It also auto-adjusts the brightness of the remote’s display depending on ambient light levels so you can always see your support level.

Compact Kiox 300 computer

Small but mighty, the Kiox 300’s colour display is easy to read and use day or night, water- and dust-resistant, and always stays up-to-date thanks to the eBike Flow app. It’s top-tube mounted – a Trek exclusive feature – to keep it protected and easily in view.

Powered by Bosch
The most trusted name in technology

If you own something with a button or a screen, you probably already depend on Bosch. But what you might not know is that this technology provider has been quietly running your devices for decades. Since 1886, they’ve built a reputation for precision and quality. Today, their technology is trusted in nearly half the world’s phones, millions of homes and offices and garages around the globe, and even on the International Space Station. Does this make them the most over-qualified supplier of e-bike systems ever? Well, yeah. But we wouldn’t partner with anyone that wasn’t. Why? Because dependability is everything. You can count on Bosch when it matters. (Just ask an astronaut.)

Ride longer and further

All new Rails with smart system come with Bosch’s new PowerTube 750 battery for 20% more watt hours of energy and lots of range – up to 6 hours depending on your level of assist.

Powerful boost

The Performance CX motor assists up to 20 mph and delivers 85 Nm of torque for scrambling up tricky sections.

Fast charging

The included 4-amp charger takes six hours for a full charge and just over two hours for a 50% charge, helping you get back on the trail quicker.

Intelligent assist

Choose from Eco, Tour and Turbo ride modes depending on the level of support you want. Plus, eMTB mode delivers the right amount of assist based on your terrain for predictable, natural-feeling power.

Global network of support

Bosch drive systems are renowned for their reliability and ease of use. They deliver a powerful, natural-feeling ride so you can focus on enjoying the trail. Plus, Bosch offers global support and service that can’t be matched!

Our Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system lets you pull your battery off quickly and easily without tools or having to reach under your dirty downtube.

Rugged trail bike performance

Rail is every bit as capable as Slash – just with more juice. It’s built with an aggressive geometry with more reach than the previous Rail for more stability at speed and on descents. 160/150 mm of travel and proven Trek suspension make Rail a favourite among true mountain bikers.

TyreWiz monitors your tyre pressure while AirWiz monitors your fork and shock pressure. Set your desired pressure in the SRAM AXS app and then just check the lights before each ride – red means you need a pump, green means go and ride. Available on Rail 9.9 models or through Project One.

All Rail options

Additional e-MTB options


Powerfly is the ideal electric mountain bike for new riders who want a fun introduction to the wide world of singletrack. It's stacked with proven Trek trail features, just with less travel and a more comfortable geometry.

Powerfly Equipped

All the trail capability of Powerfly, with a full suite of integrated accessories for light trail rides or commuting, like a rack, mudguards, lights and more. Available in hardtail and full-suspension models.


Our lightest full-suspension electric mountain bike has an appetite for distance, a love of XC speed and just the right suspension and power to turn up your endurance on epic singletrack sessions.

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