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Race-day fast, everyday durable

We overhauled our R3s to create a family of fast, sleek and confidence-inspiring tires built to hold up wherever you roam. They’re supple and durable enough for everyday riding, yet speedy and efficient enough to run on race day. It’s a winning combo for riders who favour time in the saddle over time swapping rubber, and it makes these the best R3s we’ve ever created.

More miles per tyre

Get that new tyre feel for nearly twice as long thanks to our proprietary new rubber compound. It provides the best blend of speed, traction and tread life.

More time in the saddle

We made Hard-Case Lite puncture protection lighter and stronger than ever without sacrificing a smooth, supple ride. More time riding, less time fixing flats.

More free speed

The new R3s roll with significantly less resistance due to design and material upgrades like our all-new TR-Speed rubber compound, a directional casing and tread and more.

Three years in the making

The all-new R3 is more than just a tyre. It’s the culmination of three years of revolutionising the way we develop and test tyres. Instead of testing them on a steel drum, we created a customisable rolling surface capable of recreating several outdoor riding conditions. Then we gathered and analysed loads of performance data to determine the best way to build the R3.

The tech behind the tyre

We wanted to engineer R3 with the most advanced design and materials possible. So we tested everything from tyre widths and rubber compounds to tread patterns and puncture protection systems. Our most exciting discoveries? Bigger, wider road and gravel tyres can roll faster. The same tyre layup can roll faster in one direction versus the other – in some cases by more than 10%.

Direction matters

R3 starts with a supple, 120 TPI casing that’s directionally optimised for faster forward rolling. In other words, you get more free speed.

All-new rubber

We went back to the drawing board and totally reworked our rubber to create the proprietary TR-Speed compound, which helps deliver a tyre that’s faster in the lab and faster on the road.

Improved puncture protection

R3 features Hard-Case Lite with Nylon105 puncture protection. It’s lighter and has a stronger breaker belt, resulting in a tyre that feels great and holds up better against punctures.

Added traction

The R3's modern, lightly treaded design adds traction and cornering confidence. As the tyre size increases the tread becomes more pronounced, perfect for aligning tyre size with intended use.

Available in four sizes, including a TLR option

A range of widths lets you ride everything from fresh road surfaces to the roughest roads, and even dabble in gravel. Plus, the largest size (700x32 c) is tubeless-ready.

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