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Trek has been building bikes since 1976 – and in that time, we’ve collected a whole lot of hard-earned knowledge about what makes a quality bike that’ll stand the test of time. We’ve applied those same lessons to the electric bikes we’ve made in the past two decades. Experience matters when it comes to design and innovation.

But whether or not your e-bike journey ends with a Trek, there are some key things you should know to look for when you’re making your choice. Here’s what we’ve learned separates quality electric bikes from the mass-produced e-bikes that can be less dependable, less durable and less convenient. 

Parts that are locally serviceable

Want to spend more time riding and less time waiting? Choose an e-bike that can be serviced locally at your shop, and not one you need to ship away to a service centre for repair.

Robust hubs, wheels and tyres made for e-bike power and speed

Electric bikes have more mass and are ridden faster. So, it makes sense that they’re equipped with strong parts built to stand up to these additional forces – not just cheap parts that happen to fit the frame.

Hydraulic disc brakes for all-weather stopping power

With the additional speed and mass of an electric bike, you want high-quality disc brakes designed for stopping power in varying weather conditions. Rim brakes are generally not as powerful as disc brakes, so we recommend avoiding them.

A higher torque if you’re riding in hilly areas or carrying cargo

In an e-bike drive system, a higher torque gives you quicker acceleration. If you’re climbing or carrying extra weight, opt for a system with more torque.

A range that matches the distance you’ll ride

Stopping to charge mid-ride isn’t always good, so choose an e-bike with a range that’ll at least get you where you’re going and back on a single charge.

A battery that’s replaceable and recyclable

Electric bikes use lithium-ion batteries. Make sure that the e-bike company you choose has a solution both for replacing your end-of-life battery and recycling it responsibly.

A drive system with software that’s easy to update with new features

Just like your computer or phone, a quality e-bike will have software that’s easy to update when new features are released. Choose an e-bike with software that can be updated easily when the time comes.

A warranty that covers both the electronics and the frame

Check your warranty carefully and be sure to understand what’s covered and for how long. Reputable e-bike companies won’t be afraid to stand behind both the electronics and the frame.

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