Speed Concept’s on-bike storage

Proper fueling = faster splits

Seamless integration is critical for a fast aero bike—but it’s also critical for you. When you’re properly hydrated and nourished during your ride, you’ll not only perform better on the bike but on your run, too. We’ve developed state-of-the-art storage and fuel systems to make stayed optimally fueled as easy as possible so you can focus on racing your best.

Between-the-arms bottle

Not only does having something between your arms make you faster, but the smart design of this bottle also helps you optimize your hydration and nutrition with ease. You can quickly take a sip while in full aero position thanks to the built-in straw. A silicone port makes it super simple and fast to add drink mix concentrate or water from a refill station. Available separately. Dishwasher safe.

Down tube bottle

Included with every Speed Concept, the aerodynamic down tube bottle is a great place for drink mix concentrate. You can quickly pull out the bottle while you’re in the saddle and squeeze a bit into the between-the-arms bottle to achieve the right fuel ratio. Dishwasher safe.

Bento box

Stay fueled without any aerodynamic penalty. The bento box is fully integrated into the top tube to promote a clean flow of air. A smart silicone top lets you easily reach in without adding drag. Inside, there are three compartments created by two removable dividers, and there’s enough space to stow nutrition for an entire race—roughly eight gels depending on how they’re packed. Plus, the whole thing can be removed and popped into the dishwasher for easy cleanup!

Hidden flat kit storage

To win, you have to prepare for all variables. Technical difficulties can happen out on the course, which is why we’ve built a hidden storage compartment right into the down tube, accessible behind the down tube bottle. With the quick flip of a latch, you can access a full flat kit that pops right out with the storage compartment door. It holds CO2 and a CO2 inflator, Bontrager’s new BITS tool, and a tube

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