What is Blendr?

Blendr is the ultimate integration system for clean and easy installation of lights, computers, and other accessories on your bike’s stem. The system is as easy as 1-2-3—find your stem, then your base mount, and finish with your accessory mount. Got a bike with a bar-stem combination? Check the compatibility chart to see what works for you.

How it works

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Find the perfect blend that meets your needs. Don’t forget to match your stem with the compatible base and mount for your setup to work seamlessly.

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Get Blendrable accessories

Daytime Running Lights

Small lights, massive impact. Daytime Running Lights are Blendr compatible and designed to help you be seen from a meaningful distance, day or night.

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Cycling computers and GPS

Get the data you need to make the most of your ride mounted neatly on to your stem.

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Whether adding mounts for lights, cameras, or computers, our compatibility chart will help you get decked out with parts that play well together.

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