Marlin+ FAQ

How does Marlin+ compare to Marlin?  

Marlin+ brings the same value, versatility, and performance that made the analog Marlin so popular. The geometry closely aligns with the current Marlin to provide a better trail experience while providing pedal assistance by Bosch, the most trusted name in electric assist systems.

How is this different than the Powerfly hardtail?  

Marlin+ is a simplified package with mid-power support, a fixed battery, and simplified controls for a get-on-it-and-ride experience.  

Do any frame sizes have curved top tubes for lower standover? 

Only the XS has a curved top tube. 

Can all frame sizes fit two water bottles?

Yes. Size XS fits two 15oz / 444ml bottles. Size S needs a 15oz / 444ml bottle on the seat tube but fits a larger bottle on the down tube. Sizes M-XL will fit two larger bottles.

What is the frame warranty?  

Marlin+ is subject to our limited lifetime warranty. See Bosch for warranty on Bosch drive systems.  

What Bosch system does it use?  

Marlin+ uses the new Bosch Active Line Plus with 50Nm of torque, a new CompactTube 400 battery with an energy-dense (more power relative to size) 400Wh of power, and a Purion 200 display and remote that’s slim while still providing a large color display.  

Does the Bosch Active Line Plus provide simple, adaptive motor support?  

Yes. In addition to the usual assist modes, the Active Line Plus system has an AUTO mode that recognizes speed reductions and adjusts assistance accordingly for a very natural feel across all levels of assistance. It’s the simple, set-and-forget mode. 

What type of charger does it come with and how long does it take to charge the battery?

The bike comes with a 2A charger that takes ~2.8 hours to reach 50% charge and ~6 hours to reach 100% charge.

Is the battery removable? What if I need to replace it?

It is removable, but by a trained technician only. The battery should not be removed by the rider. Please see your local Trek retailer for replacement batteries.

What is the range?  

The internal 400Wh battery gets you 2-4 hours’ worth of range on-trail. Exact range depends on level of assist and rider weight.  

Can you upgrade the battery to a larger size?

No, but there is a Bosch PowerMore range extender for those who want to ride farther. 

What should I know about Bosch PowerMore range extender?  

The Bosch 250Wh PowerMore battery extender works with Marlin+ in sizes S and up. There is not enough frame clearance for PowerMore on smaller sizes. It will be available early 2024 through Trek in North America and through Bosch for the rest of the world. With the 2A charger included with Marlin+, the PowerMore battery takes ~1.6 hours to reach 50% charge and ~3.7 hours to reach 100% charge. 

What’s behind the Marlin+ motor cover? Should I ever need to remove it?  

The motor cover allows certified retailers and technicians access to motor plugs for adding lights or providing access to cable retention brackets for replacing cable housing or brakes without having to drop the motor. You won’t need to remove it.  

Is the bike compatible with Bosch Connect Module for GPS tracking and alarm?  

No, it is not compatible with the Connect Module. There isn’t enough space inside the Marlin+ frame. However, GPS tracking has come a long way in a short amount of time and, as an alternative to the Bosch Connect Module, many customers find products like Apple AirTags to be a convenient anti-theft solution.  

Can I switch the Bosch Purion Display to another Bosch display? 


Is there an app for the system? 

Marlin+ works with the Bosch eBike Flow app.

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What is the stock fork travel and maximum fork axle-to-crown and/or travel?  

The stock fork travel is 120mm on sizes SM-XL. The XS bike has a 100mm fork. The max axle-to-race varies by size:

XS max axle-to-race is 504mm (~roughly 110mm travel fork for 27.5”)
S max axle-to-race is 524mm (~roughly 130mm travel fork for 27.5
M-XL max axle-to-race is 543mm (~roughly 130mm travel fork for 29”)

What is the maximum tire size (with and without fenders, and to what standard)?  

Sizes XS-S Marlin+ fits up to 27.5” x 2.6” tires (27.5” x 2.4” tires with fenders)
Sizes M-XL Marlin+ fits up to 29 x 2.6” tires (29 x 2.4” tires with fenders)

Does Marlin+ use Smart Wheel Size? 

Yes, sizes XS and S come stock with 27.5” wheels while sizes M and up come with 29” wheels. 

Is it compatible with other wheel/tire sizes?  

No, Marlin+ was not designed to use mixed wheel sizes.

What is the rear brake mount? What is the max rotor size?   

It is stock with a direct post mount 180mm rear brake and adaptable to 203mm. For the front brake mount and max rotor size, please see the fork manufacturer.  

What is the rear hub spacing? 

Rear hub spacing is 148x12mm and has the Universal Derailleur Hanger mount (UDH) so it is compatible with SRAM T-Type components. For the front hub spacing, please see the fork manufacturer.  

How much dropper post insertion does the frame have?  

Marlin+ has plenty of room for long dropper posts if you choose.

XS = 210mm
SM = 240mm
MD = 290mm
LG = 320mm
XL = 370mm

What headset type does the frame use?  

Semi-integrated 1-1/8” to 1.5” taper. 

What is the seatpost diameter?  


What is the stock and maximum chainring size? 

A 32-tooth chainring is stock. Max chainring is 36-tooth with 52mm chainline. 

Is it compatible with 2x drivetrains?  


Is it compatible with SRAM T-Type Transmissions?  

Yes. The frame uses Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) and is compatible iwth hangerless T-Type Transmission.  

Does it have any accessory mounts (kickstand, racks, fenders, lights)?  

Marlin+ has kickstand, fender, and rack mounts to make it the ultimate everyday commuter. It can even use the same custom-made fender and rack as Powerfly FS. Please see the service manual for part numbers.  

Can I use a rear rack without mounting a fender? 

Yes, you can use a disc-compatible rack using traditional rack stays without a fender.

Can I use the Powerfly FS rear rack and fender?

Yes, but they must be used together – you can’t mount one without the other.

Can I wire in a front light?  

Marlin+ is not intended to accommodate a front light. There is not an extra hole in the frame for the wire. We recommend a rechargeable front light.

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Can I wire in a rear light? 

If someone wants to run a rear light attached to the rack there is an opening for a wire. It would be the same cable (Bosch PN EB12.120.00) as used on Powerfly, 1400mm. 

Are these bikes tubeless compatible? What additional parts are required?  

The Marlin+ 6 does not come with TLR rims but the Marlin+ 8 comes complete with TLR rims, tires, sealant, valves, and strips.  

What crank does the Marlin+ use?

The Bosch Active Line Plus uses a Mini ISIS crank spindle for Bosch Gen 3 motors.