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Your bike should never hold you back

To keep your bike performing at its highest level, we recommend having it serviced regularly by a professional mechanic. Your Trek shop has the expertise, training and equipment to take care of all of your service needs. Your service needs may vary from the recommended intervals based upon bike and your usage. If you are unsure what service package is best for your bike, your Service Technician will be happy to consult with you.

25-hour Service

We recommend running your bike through these simple procedures every 25 hours of ride time or as you feel they are needed. If you are wary of doing any of these at home, a Service Technician at your local Trek shop will be happy to assist you.

• Wash frame, components and wheels
• Lubricate chain and drivetrain
• Pre-ride check with 47-point inspection

50-hour Service

Everything washed, aligned, adjusted.

After a bike wash and thorough diagnostic checkup, we’ll dial in your brakes, tune and lube your shifting to perfection, true and tension the wheels, and recharge everything.

Level 1
• Safety and wear inspection
• Check and tighten all bolts and crank
• Align and adjust brakes
• Align and adjust gears
• Adjust headset
• Lubricate chain & drivetrain
• Tyres inflated
• Wash frame
• Wheels trued (Basic)
• Complimentary brake pad installation with package

Level 2
Additional services performed beyond the Level 1 Package:
• Adjust bottom bracket (not removed from frameset)
• Adjust wheel bearings
• Brake surface and pad clean
• Remove and clean drivetrain components
• Firmware updates for e-bike/Electronic gearing systems

100-hour Service

The entire bike stripped, cleaned, lubed, and returned to new.

Every bolt, every bearing, every part. We’ll start by stripping your bike to the bare frame for a deep clean and inspection, then we’ll repack and rebuild it. If it’s been a while, or you want to make it run just like new, this one’s for you.

Level 3
Additional services performed beyond the Level 2 Package:
• Overhaul bottom bracket
• Overhaul headset
• Overhaul and adjust wheel bearings
• Inspect and service free hub body
• Includes new cable inners & outers/brake flush for hydraulic/software update for electric gears
• Bar tape or grips to value of $24.99
• Tubeless sealant replaced

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