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The ultimate race bike
Our fastest road race bike ever

From a legacy of greatness comes a new standard of speed. Seven generations in the making, Madone SLR is our fastest and lightest Madone disc ever, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with a triple threat of unprecedented aerodynamics, exceptional ride quality, and lightweight design. This race-ready bike is complete with never-before-seen IsoFlow technology that gives you every advantage in speed and handling.

“Trek’s seventh generation Madone blends radical design and performance”

What the world is saying about the all-new Madone

“A pure-bred race bike"

“Does an exceptional job of balancing all-day comfort with the agility and aggression needed to be a top-tier race bike.”

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“Every inch an aero race bike”

"One of the most visually striking and competent aero bikes available today [...] more aero, less weight, less complication."

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“It doesn’t just look damn fast; it is damn fast”

“Seems to crave speed […] and the handling remains responsive at high speeds without lacking in stability.”

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“Phenomenally fast and provides one heck of a thrilling ride”

“Offers all the aero tweaks and outright performance without compromising on day-to-day ridability.”

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A new standard of speed
Now 60 seconds/hour faster*

We set out to make Madone the fastest road bike in the world. Years of research and development informed every aerodynamic inch of the seventh generation Madone SLR to create a frame, cockpit, and rider position that’s a whopping 19 watts faster than ever before.*
*Compared to previous generation at 45km/h

Nearly 300 grams lighter*  

60 seconds/hour faster*  

Never-before-seen IsoFlow technology
Brutal performance. Total comfort.

All-new IsoFlow technology soaks up fatiguing bumps in the road so you can ride stronger longer. A race-focused evolution of IsoSpeed comfort, IsoFlow flexes over bumps for a smoother ride, improves aerodynamics, and shaves weight to save precious seconds in the saddle.

Unprecedented road bike aerodynamics

The devil is in the details when it comes to heart-pounding, race-winning speed. Every element of the new Madone Gen 7 was expertly sculpted to create our most aerodynamic road race bike ever, including a new generation of Kammtail tube shapes, an aero-optimized cockpit, and all-new IsoFlow technology that smooths air as it moves over the bike and accelerates it through the frame for even more free speed.

Positioned for power
Ergonomic and aerodynamic riding position

An overhauled bar/stem with a shorter reach and hoods that are 3cm narrower than the drops move you into a more comfortable ergonomic riding position. This narrower hood position also greatly reduces rider drag for extra aerodynamic speed while maintaining control in the drops so you don’t lose power in explosive moments.

Lighter than ever
New gram-shaving design

A new lightweight design and our best and lightest OCLV Carbon make the seventh generation Madone our lightest Madone disc ever, shaving around 300 grams off the previous ultra-lightweight version.

Behind the bike
Hear from Senior Design Engineer, Alex Bedinghaus, on the new Madone SLR.

Pure race pedigree
Informed by the world’s best cyclists

Madone SLR was rigorously tested with the men’s and women’s Trek-Segafredo race teams to create a completely redesigned bike that’s faster, lighter, and fit for the biggest events on the cycling calendar, including the Tour de France and the first-ever Tour de France Femmes.

The new Madone SL Gen 7 offers the same revolutionary road race technology as the the seventh generation Madone SLR at a more accessible price point, thanks to a 500 Series OCLV Carbon frame and a two-piece flared RSL handlebar and stem. It’s the ultimate race bike, now available to more riders than ever.

Our fastest and lightest Madone SL ever

Nearly 300 grams lighter*  

54 seconds/hour faster*  

*When compared to Madone SL Gen 6 at 45km/h 

Choose your Madone

Madone Gen 6

The original industry-disrupting superbike.

-Adjustable top tube IsoSpeed for a smoother ride
-Traditional non-flared two-piece bar + stem
-Grand Tour-winning aero tube shaping
-Madone performance at a better value

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Madone Gen 7

Built on a legacy of superbikes, Madone Gen 7 is our fastest and lightest Madone disc ever.

-Lightweight, never-before-seen IsoFlow compliance tech
-Flared aero-optimized bar (one-piece bar/stem on SLR, two-piece bar + stem on SL)
-All-new ultra-fast aero tube shaping
-Faster and lighter

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