Monster truck meets magic carpet

The all-new Slash is the trail bike of trail bikes. This long-travel 29er enduro bike is built to be fast, smooth and fun in the wildest terrain. If your game is enduro, it rips while remaining light and planted on punchy climbs. If you’re into park runs, Slash can deliver laps on laps of rowdy fun.

2021 Enduro Bike of the Year

Slash 8 took home top honours from Bike Radar/MBUK in the highly competitive Enduro category, winning the hearts and minds of editors by striking 'the perfect balance between a fun and lively feel, and ultimate chaos-calming composure'.

An evolution in enduro suspension

The all-new Super Deluxe Thru Shaft air shock grew out of a partnership between Trek and RockShox engineers, who shared a goal to create the perfect enduro suspension for the perfect enduro trail bike.

It reacts to the trail, not you—and it knows the difference between what you’re putting into it and what the trail is. The all-new low-speed adjuster can nullify rider inputs like pedal strokes without affecting high-speed compressions from wonderfully brutal trails

Enduro trail geometry

To accommodate more travel, Slash’s enduro geometry is now longer, slacker and lower. This delivers more high-speed stability in the steepest, loosest terrain, while the steep seat tube angle keeps your pedalling efficient.

Frame storage and protection

Every Slash is now built with a full-length downtube guard that’s great for tailgate shuttling, along with an internal frame storage compartment for essentials.

The trail bike you've been waiting for

Whether you're racing the clock like Enduro World Series pro Florian Nicholai or ripping park laps like Brandon Semenuk, Slash is up for it. In "Eternity," the new film from Mind Spark Cinema, Trek's finest push Slash to the limit.

The new Slash is a bike that will handle anything on any trail ever built. It’s a race bike that can freeride and destroy bike park laps.

–Ryan "R-Dog" Howard, Trek C3 Project

This is the most capable trail bike I’ve ever ridden. It handles like a downhill bike, but still climbs great. The Super Deluxe with Thru Shaft was exactly what this bike needed.

–Brandon Semenuk, Trek C3 Project

Trek has perfected its new Slash. With a slightly updated geometry and more travel, they made a bike that’s more stable on aggressive enduro trails yet still has better pedalling performance.

–Florian Nicolai, Trek Factory Racing Enduro

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