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The backcountry battle axe
You’ll need this where you’re going

Slash is a no-holds barred enduro sled built to rip, rally, and rail through the gnarliest trails on the planet. With 170 mm of front and rear travel, mixed wheel size and new high-pivot design, the Slash not only descends like a beast, but it’s also ready to billy-goat up punchy climbs with square-edge slabs that send your friends on hike-a-bike missions.

Crush laps that enduro bikes of yesteryear only dreamed of. Charge through the chunder, hurtle over wheel-roasting roots and blast through boulder fields with drops so deep you’ll question your sanity – but never your bike’s capability.

2023 Pinkbike Bike of the Year 

“Slash put down an impressive performance during the Enduro Field Test, with a blend of speed and stability that put it on every editor's list of favourites. It also happens to be very adaptable, and while steep, chunky terrain is certainly its forte, it's no one-trick pony.” – Mike Kazimer, Pinkbike 

High pivot, high aspirations 

The Slash pedals better than other high-pivot bikes thanks to an idler pulley layout that's optimised for efficiency. Plus, that rearward axle path gives the Slash mind-blowing traction for scrambling up tricky climbs without getting caught on roots and rough edges. You get less wasted energy and more fuel left in the tank for the descents.

Upper idler

The 19-tooth upper idler pulley is bigger than most so the chain doesn't have to bend as sharply, adding efficiency and strength.

Lower idler

The lower idler pulley prevents chain growth below the chainstay and keeps that tension off the derailleur cage so you get better shifting and suspension performance.

The main ingredient in Slash's pedalling alchemy is its anti-squat curve. Anti-squat is affected by a few variables, but one of the biggest factors is main pivot position. The size and placement of the upper idler gives us another way to tune the anti-squat curve. Between the upper and lower idler layout and size, the Slash delivers a super-efficient and super-consistent feeling anti-squat curve that makes this bike pedal more like the short-travel Top Fuel than the previous generation Slash.

Built burly

Super slack head tube

Sitting at a relaxed 63.5-degrees, the Slash’s head tube keeps your front wheel far ahead for serious stability on the steepest, gnarliest trails. 

Steep seat tube angle 

Perched at 77-degrees, the Slash keeps you in the perfect position for putting down power on long slogs up fire roads and punchy, slabby climbs. 

That just-right reach 

460 mm of reach keeps the cockpit long and stable for control and stability through everything.

Size-specific chainstays

Get the same trail-taming feel no matter your height thanks to size-specific chainstays that keep handling consistent. 

Adjustable leverage rate

Easily adjust suspension progression with just the flip of a chip. Ride it in the less progressive setting for a plusher feel perfect for rugged trails loaded with square-edge bumps. Flip it to more progressive when you’re riding fast, hitting big features and don’t want to bottom out – or if you want to roll with a coil shock.

Stow it, don’t show it 

Stash your ride essentials with in-tube storage on all models – both carbon and alloy. Included Bontrager BITS bag keeps your odds and ends organised. 

Created for customisation

Want to run a longer dropper? Swap air for a coil shock? No problem. The Slash has plenty of room for beefy tires, big coil shocks and running up to a 190 mm fork. Plus, it’s even equipped with accessory mounts under the top tube when your storage door is loaded and you need to haul a little more.

On guard 

We spent hours analysing high-speed camera footage to figure out just how to shape a guard to minimise chain movement, so you get a quieter, more protected ride. 

Slash Gen 5 

The Slash Gen 5 is a long-travel 29er built for wild terrain. It packs in 160 mm of rear and 170 mm of front suspension, a lighter build and traditional suspension design.

1. 160 mm/170 mm travel
2. 29˝ front and rear wheels
3. Traditional suspension design
4. Lighter build

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Slash Gen 6 

The Slash Gen 6 goes even burlier with mixed wheel sizes for ultra-steep descents, longer 170 mm front/rear suspension, extra adjustability features and a high pivot suspension design.

1. 170 mm/170 mm travel
2. 29˝ front and 27.5˝ rear wheel
3. High pivot suspension design
4. Extra adjustability features

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Chase dirt, catch air

The Slash SE is a limited-run ride that’s ready to rip with a proven Slash Gen 5 frame and one-of-a-kind Earth and Air paint that gives a nod to the loam we grip and jumps we boost. Its decked out with SRAM’s GX AXS wireless transmission and RockShox Flight Attendant – the automatic suspension system that listens to your riding and responds in real time.