Electric bike maintenance – How to care for your Trek e-bike

Electric bikes don’t require much more maintenance than traditional bikes. The main thing you need to remember is to treat your battery with care, just like you would your laptop or smartphone. And always take your e-bike into a qualified Trek retailer with mechanics who know how to work on e-bike drive systems!

E-bike upkeep 101

Watch the video to learn how to store, transport and clean your Trek electric bike.

Frequently asked questions


All of our e-bike batteries can safely be charged and stored in your home. Here are a few ways our batteries meet and exceed industry standards:

Tier-one cell selection

Lithium ion batteries are everywhere these days, so you won't be surprised to learn that there are many suppliers and manufacturers. And like anything that's manufactured, there are companies that do it properly and companies that do it quickly and cheaply. The cells in Trek e-bike batteries come only from Tier 1 suppliers, which means that they're from companies that have the highest requirements for quality, the best documentation, the longest qualification timelines and the most experience manufacturing.

Battery management system

Every battery you'll find on a Trek e-bike has a sophisticated battery management system (BMS), which is like a security guard for the battery's cells. It's constantly monitoring and regulating, ensuring that each individual cell is performing with top-level efficiency without overheating. BMS is crucial for safer battery operation, and it's also important for ensuring that you get the longest possible life out of your battery.

Testing beyond certification

The e-systems on all Trek e-bikes are third-party tested to meet leading e-bike safety standards and we're proud to use only systems in the US that pass stringent UL 2849 certification. The testing required to obtain this certification is extensive and rigorous. From temperature to shock to vibration, our e-bike components go through the ringer to make sure you get a safer, high-quality e-system.

Where can my electric bike be serviced?

You should take your e-bike to a qualified local bike shop whose mechanics are skilled and certified in working on the kind of electric drive system that your e-bike uses. Regardless of which brand of e-bike you choose, always check to see if they have a good electric drive system warranty in case anything should happen to your motor, battery or another part of the system. 

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How should I store my electric bike?

E-bikes can be heavy, so it’s ideal to have a safe place to store them at ground level. A garage works well when the weather is temperate, but just like smartphones, electric bike batteries don’t like extreme heat or cold. We recommend bringing your battery inside when the temp reaches either end of the spectrum. If you live somewhere with harsh winters, we recommend storing your e-bike inside your home where the temperature is more controlled. If you can’t bring your entire bike inside, at least be sure to bring the battery. 

Can I ride my electric bike in the rain? 

Yes! High-quality electric drive systems are designed to withstand washing and rainfall. 

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