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Simplify your daily grind

District+ is a stylish, low-maintenance electric bike that makes getting around your city simple, fast, and fun. It scores top marks in dependability and comfort, and it’s built with parts that make it the perfect companion for every daily adventure, from riding to getting the shopping to cruising across town.

A frame fit for you

Every District+ is built with a lightweight aluminium frame that’s strong and easy to control. It puts you in a comfortable, upright riding posture so you can take in the sights. Plus, every District+ frame features internal cable routing, which helps to protect your cables from the elements.

Low-maintenance internal gearing

District+ features intuitive, easy-to-use internal gearing that lets you shift even when you’re not pedalling, which is great for city riding situations where you’re regularly stopping and starting in traffic. It’s smooth and simple, and it helps to protect your bike’s important parts from road debris and weather.

Reliable Bosch electronics

Whichever District+ you choose, you’ll get dependable electronics from the world’s leader in e-bike performance. District+ models are equipped with either a Bosch Active or Bosch Active Plus drive unit paired with either a Bosch Purion or Intuvia display.

Multiple battery options

Select District+ models are available with your choice of a 300 Wh, 400 Wh, or 500 Wh battery – a feature that gives you the freedom to customise your ride for your budget and your desired range.

Extend your city adventure

District+ 5, 6, 7 and 8 are compatible with Range Boost, a feature that allows you to attach a second battery to your frame to double your range.

Learn more about Range Boost

Equipped for the city

All District+ models are equipped with powerful lights that run off the e-bike's battery and help you see and be seen by bustling city traffic. Each model is also built with high-power brakes made to keep you confident and in control in all weather conditions.

World-leading Bosch performance

If you’re considering an e-bike without a Bosch system, you’re heading down the wrong path. Bosch has led the world in battery and motor innovation for decades, and they’re the only supplier that provides outstanding global support and service.

Simple, reliable power

Bosch systems make the e-bike experience simple, putting the power right at your fingertips. You control when and how much boost you get so you can ride faster, cover more ground, skip the traffic jams and have more fun on every ride.

Long-life battery

Spend your time in the saddle, not charging up. Whichever District+ model you choose, you’re getting a battery that’s primed for longer rides. And when you do need to charge up, it’s as easy as charging your phone – and you can charge your Verve+ battery on or off your bike.

Incredible global support

Bosch’s dependable e-bike systems are backed by an outstanding warranty, worldwide support, and expert service at Trek retailers around the globe.

See your city in a new light with the powerful, dependable District+ electric city bike

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