Bosch e-bike motors – revolutionise your ride!

From astronauts to e-bikes

If you own something with a button or a screen, you probably already depend on Bosch. But what you might not know is that this technology provider has been quietly running your devices for decades. Since 1886, they’ve built a reputation for precision and quality. Today, their technology is trusted in nearly half the world’s phones, millions of homes and offices and garages around the globe, and even on the International Space Station. Does this make them the most over-qualified supplier of e-bike systems ever? Well, yeah. But we wouldn’t partner with anyone that wasn’t. Why? Because dependability is everything. You can count on Bosch e-bike motors when it matters. (Just ask an astronaut.)

The smarter e-bike solution

The Bosch smart system takes you into the e-bike future with seamless integration for your smoothest rides. Connect to your components and personalise your ride experience using the eBike Flow app, which is fully integrated into the smart system so you can record your route, customise your ride mode and update your e-bike over the air.

A faster ride that feels like you

Lose yourself in your next e-bike adventure with natural-feeling Bosch drive systems. These pedal-assist motors allow you and your bike to operate as one – they won’t lag when you start to pedal, there’s no motor kick when you stop and you’ll enjoy smooth and powerful acceleration without distracting noise.

Whether you’re a tinkerer who wants to fine-tune your ride and experiment with assist or the type of rider who just wants to set it and forget it, Bosch e-bike motors provide the ideal drive for every application.


Know exactly what you want when you want it? Don’t want a machine thinking for you? The eBike Flow app lets you fine-tune your Turbo, Sport, Tour and Eco assist profiles specifically to your liking.


Focus on the trail, not your tech. Bosch’s eMTB mode delivers the right amount of assist based on your terrain for predictable, natural-feeling power when you need it.


Save battery life on your biggest adventures with Tour+ mode. This Bosch-exclusive tech gives you the ideal assist for long days in the saddle when you need more mileage but don’t want to constantly change your level of assist.

A better e-bike battery

Enjoy more watts with less worry knowing that your Bosch battery exceeds e-bike safety standards. All Bosch eBike Systems are UL 2849-certified, which means that they meet strict requirements to prevent electrical shock and mechanical and fire hazards. Bosch’s advanced lithium-ion batteries also feature a Battery Management System (BMS) that works to detect errors, protect against overheating and extend overall battery life.

Extend your ride

Want to go further? Bosch offers range extender batteries, so you can climb higher, ride longer and explore far beyond the beaten track. 

Intelligent display, intuitive control

Bosch e-bike displays are sleek, easy to use and intuitive, so you can stay connected and see all your ride stats at a glance. Plus, you can easily connect your smart phone for extra navigation, over-the-air updates, activity tracking and more.

Bosch Kiox

The Bosch Kiox display lets you track your fitness and ride metrics, and see all the essential data you need to ride, like speed and currently-selected mode, on its full-colour display. You can even map out rides with navigation functions or activate eBike Lock as additional theft protection.

Bosch Intuvia

Simple operation, completely connected. Bosch’s Intuvia gives you a quick glance at the data you need, like speed and currently-selected mode, on a compact 2.5˝ high contrast display. It’s intuitive to use, and pairs wirelessly via Bluetooth to Bosch’s LED remote or Mini Remote. Plus, you still get eBike Lock theft protection.

LED Remote

Easy to access with your hands on the bars, the LED remote features colour-coded ride modes for instant recognition. It auto-adjusts the display brightness depending on ambient light, so you can always see your support level. Plus, it pairs wirelessly with your smartphone to give you more data when you want it.

Purion 200

Get control and data all in one place with the compact, 1.6˝ Purion 200 display and control combo. Purion 200 lets you view your essential riding details, like remaining battery life, range and support mode, plus it makes powering on and off a cinch, so all you need to do is saddle up and ride. 

Connection and control at your fingertips

Elevate your e-bike experience with the Bosch eBike Flow app

Fine-tuned to you

You can customise your e-bike assist modes to offer more support when you need it, or consume less power on longer rides.

Record your ride

Tracking starts as soon as you start pedalling and pauses automatically when you take a break, so you always get the most accurate data about your ride.

Easy integration

Bosch eBike Flow synchronises in real time with Strava, Apple Health and Komoot, so logging rides across different apps is a breeze.

Protect your investment

The eBike Flow app acts as a digital key and lets you deactivate motor support for additional theft protection.

Over-the-air updates

You can download new features and updates and send them directly to your e-bike via Bluetooth.

Exclusive Trek integration

The app will recognise your Trek e-bike, help you find your local trek retailer and even provide service reminders.

eBike Range Assistant

Planning your next electric adventure? A lot factors into e-bike range – including battery size, weight and terrain. Use Bosch’s eBike Range Assistant to find out just how far you can go on a single charge.

Reliable power wherever you roam

Bosch is a household name with a global business. Whether you’re heading out on an e-bike ride or rocketing into outer space, you can roam easy knowing Bosch has your back with reliable products, global support and service that can’t be beat.

Bikes with Bosch


Speed up commutes with Allant+. Its hill-flattening boost and rugged features let you skip the car and breeze past traffic.


Comfortable, intuitive and loads of fun. Whether you’re out for a weekend adventure or running errands, the Verve+ gets you there with ease.


The Fetch+ gives you a powerful boost and plenty of cargo space for hauling the kids to school, zipping the dog to the park and carrying groceries for car-free errands.


Charge into the unknown with rugged power and big trail capability on Rail. This long-travel electric mountain bike is built to take you far, far out there.


The Powerfly is an electric mountain bike that’s ready to help you conquer new heights. It offers just enough travel to smooth out the trail and rugged capability for the city, too.


A low-maintenance e-bike designed for city commuters. The District+ is fully equipped and ready to ride whenever you are.