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Powerfly electric mountain bikes

So much adventure, so little stopping you

Powerfly is an electric mountain bike that supercharges the fun in every adventure. These models are built with powerful Bosch Performance Line CX drive systems and trail tech that helps you tackle steeper terrain, ride farther and faster on singletrack and explore more of your world on dirt.

Max assist
20 mph (25 km/h in Europe)

Battery size
625–500 Wh

85 Nm

Charge time
3-5 hours

Range on harder, difficult terrain
34 miles

Range on easy, smooth terrain
70 miles

Range time
5 hours

Experience more

Everything you already love about mountain biking – but more of it! Powerfly doubles your power, speed and endurance so there’s always time and energy for another lap.

A better battery interface

Trek’s exclusive Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system is the most user-friendly system available. It keeps your battery hidden and protected in the frame, and requires no tools for removal.

Reliable power in every bike

Bosch drive systems are renowned for their reliability, power and ease of use. These systems deliver a powerful, intuitive experience on the trail so you can focus on enjoying your ride. Plus, Bosch offers global support and service that can’t be matched!

Simple. Fun.

With e-MTB and e-MTB Lite modes, you can set your assist level and forget it. You’ll feel it kick in with your chosen level of assist on loose, steep terrain and ease off when you don’t need it.

Right for any adventure

Whether you’re riding a rugged morning commute or planning an overnighter, you can equip all Powerfly models with accessories that are right for the way you ride, including racks, fenders, lights and a kickstand.

Powerfly Equipped

All the trail capability of Powerfly, with a full suite of included adventure and commuting accessories, including a rack, fenders, lights and more.

Trails are better with Trek e-MTBs

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