Simplify your daily life

District is a stylish, low-maintenance commuter bike that’s as easy to use as it is comfortable. It’s perfect for everyday riders and commuters who want a fun, fast and reliable way to cruise around the city. And, it’s available in three different frame styles – standard, stagger and lowstep.

Built to make every ride better

You don’t want to spend time fussing with finicky parts, you just want to ride! That’s why District is made with smart parts that are easy to care for and always ready to roll.

Low-maintenance drive trains

Every District’s drivetrain delivers more fun and less hassle. Some models have closed chain cases, and others feature smooth, silent and durable Gates belt drives.

Simple internal gearing

The premium-quality Shimano internal hub gives you a clean look, effortless shifting and a wide gear range.

The District+ gives you the same low-maintenance design and smart features as our analogue District bikes. You just get to go faster and further thanks to a powerful Bosch pedal assist system!

Comfortable and confident design

The District has an easygoing upright riding position, wide stable tyres, powerful brakes and comfort-first parts including ergonomic grips and a cushy saddle.

Dynamo-powered lights

You'll never get caught without a charged-up light again! These are powered by the dynamo front hub, so you can always light your way.

Ride-ready accessories

Every District comes with a kickstand, mudguards and a rear MIK-compatible rack so you can ride in any weather and carry everything you need.

Your ride for life

Like every Trek hybrid, District is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you get a ride companion for life.

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Additional hybrid options

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An easy-riding hybrid for comfort on roads, tracks and city streets. Puncture-resistant tyres, fork light suspension and vibration-reducing handlebars make every ride better than the last.

Dual Sport Equipped

A high-performance hybrid with upgraded parts that stand up to long rides on mixed surfaces. It’s quick on the road, confident on gravel and fun wherever you ride!

FX Equipped

The perfect bike for daily commutes and workouts. Light, fast, comfortable and more than capable of helping you beat your fitness goals.