Trek Ballista Mips helmet

Performance for the podium

Meet the Ballista, Trek's most aerodynamically advanced helmet – the product of extensive research, development and design in the pursuit of riding and racing faster.

Our fastest helmet ever

Ballista is the fastest helmet in Trek's line-up. Its aerodynamic efficiency saves riders 10.1 watts of power and more than one bike length during a final sprint versus the Velocis in a standard one-hour test at 45 km/h.

Unexpectedly light

The Ballista is light. At 275 grams, its minimalistic, low-profile design makes for a faster helmet that's lighter than ever before.

Cool is fast

Insight from computational fluid dynamic analysis helped optimise vent and channel design for more efficient airflow, creating a cool helmet.

Mips Air safety system

Less weight, seamless integration, improved sweat management and rotational force management technology from Mips provide better performance and a better experience on the bike.

A better fit system

For that Goldilocks fit, the Ballista features a single-lace, 360° BOA® fit system with two lace height positions and three yoke positions – offering complete customisation.

A clear view

The Ballista features a bevelled edge above the brow that opens up your field of view and lets you easily see the road ahead – even when tucked in the drops.

5-STAR protection

The Ballista has received a 5-STAR safety rating from Virginia Tech's third-party testing facility, an unbiased, industry-accepted assessment of the level of protection a helmet provides to a cyclist.

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Love your lid

Think of this as a 30-day test ride. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your Trek helmet, we’ll take it back.

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Peace of mind

If your helmet is involved in a crash within the first year of ownership, we’ll replace it for free.

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Trek Ballista

Trek’s fastest helmet, made for shaving seconds off of your PRs

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