Procaliber Alloy FAQ

How are Procaliber alloy bikes different than X-Caliber bikes?

Procaliber alloy replaces X-Caliber. It simplifies the Trek hardtail line-up so any XC-oriented riders can be pointed towards the Procaliber family. It is an all new frame with upgrades over the X-Caliber.

What is different about the Procaliber alloy frame compared to the Procaliber carbon frame?

The Procaliber alloy frame does not have the IsoSpeed feature. Instead, Procaliber alloy is a lightweight alloy XC frame that will appeal to the same XC customers as its carbon counterpart.

What is the size range?

The bike comes in five sizes: SM, MD, M/L, LG, XL. There is a wider fitment range to cover the XS and XXL riders. There is not a curved top tube on the SM size

Are there smaller wheels on smaller frame sizes?

No. All sizes feature fast rolling 29” wheels.

Can all sizes fit two bottles in the frame? Any size restriction on smaller sizes?

Procaliber alloy can fit two bottles on all sizes except size small which fits one bottle on the downtube.

Is there any downtube protection?

Yes, there is a clear 3M protective film on the downtube that protects the frame and paint.

For the cable routing: is there an internal guide to assist routing the hoses or cables?

Foam tubes on the inside of the frame provide a lightweight solution to guide cables and hoses through the frame.

What is the frame warranty period?

Standard Trek warranty: lifetime for the main frame of original owner.

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What is the maximum tyre size?

Procaliber alloy fits up to 2.4” tyres in the rear.

Is it compatible with other wheel sizes?

It is not intended to fit 27.5 wheels as it would lower the bottom bracket beyond optimal.

What is the rear brake mount? What is the max rotor size?

The rear brake mount is direct post mount for 160 mm rotors. It’s adaptable to a maximum of 180 mm rotor.

What is the hub spacing?

It uses 148x12 spacing so wheel swaps or upgrades are easy.

How much dropper post insertion does the frame have?

210 mm for size Small
200 mm for size Medium
230 mm for size Medium/Large
250 mm for size Large
280 mm for size Extra-Large

What diameter seat post is required?

The bike fits a 31.6 mm seat post or dropper seat post.

What type of bottom bracket is used?

Procaliber alloy uses a threaded 73 mm BSA bottom bracket.

What is the maximum chain ring size? Minimum chain ring size?

The maximum chain ring size is 34-tooth chain ring with a 55 mm chain line. The maximum chain ring size for a 52 mm chain line is a 32-tooth chain ring. The minimum chain ring size is a 30-tooth chain ring with 52 mm chain line.

Are these bikes tubeless-compatible?

Yes. Both Procaliber 6 and 8 models are tubeless out of the box. They include TLR strips, valves and sealant.

Does it have any accessory mounts (kickstand, racks, mudguards, lights)?

Procaliber alloy can be readily accessorised. There is a kickstand mount on the non-drive chain stay. There are also rack mounts hidden on the inside of the seat stays which is an elegant solution for retaining the carrying functionality while not putting outward-facing mounting holes.

What is the maximum fork axle-to-crown and/or travel?

The bike is stock with a 120 mm fork. Max fork travel is 130 mm or max axle-to-race is 540 mm. 110 mm is the minimum travel if you want to sharpen up handling.

Is it compatible with 2x drivetrains?

No. This is a 1x only bike.

Is it compatible with SRAM T-Type transmissions?

Yes. It has a universal derailleur hanger that can be removed and a hangerless T-Type transmission used if the rider wants to upgrade.

What headset type is used?

Semi-Integrated, 44 MM OD upper alloy cup, 56 mm OD lower alloy cup.