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Our fastest and lightest unite

Take flight on the all-new Madone Gen 8, an earth-shattering fusion of our lightest and fastest superbikes. Whether you’re powering up climbs or sprinting across the finish line, Madone Gen 8 was designed with input from the world’s top racers to be the best wherever you ride it.

Insanely aero. Impossibly light. Wildly thrilling. Other road race bikes claim to be the best in the world.
We aim to prove them wrong.

Equal parts Madone. Equal parts Émonda.
Madone Gen 8 is the best of both worlds.

as Émonda*

As fast as Madone Gen 7

faster than Émonda

grams lighter
than Madone Gen 7*

*When comparing framesets

Your dream bike. Exactly how you imagined it.
Choose from a seemingly endless palette of colours, find your perfect fit
and cherry-pick your components in Project One.

The ultimate featherweight  
Entirely new carbon and revolutionary aero tube shapes

We’ve created our highest-level carbon ever to help make Madone Gen 8 the best ultra-lightweight climbing superbike inside and out. All-new 900 Series OCLV Carbon is made with up to 20% stronger fibres and a more efficient moulding process, which lets us use less material to shave even more weight without sacrificing stiffness. Our best-ever carbon paired with revolutionary new aero shapes and a new one-piece carbon fork help make Madone Gen 8 aero where it matters most and crazy-light everywhere else.

Redefining what fast looks like
New aero tube shapes and aero-optimised rider system

Madone Gen 8 features revolutionary new Full System Foil aero tube shapes that improve airflow over the whole bike while maintaining the lightness climbers crave. Plus, the bike’s entire rider system – rider position, cockpit, frame, components and all-new RSL Aero Bottles and Cages – was meticulously designed and rigorously tested to be faster everywhere.

Improved IsoFlow technology 
80% more vertical compliance

Trek-exclusive IsoFlow technology flexes over bumps in the road to provide a smoother ride, improves aerodynamics and shaves weight to save precious seconds in the saddle. We refined our race-focused comfort tech to be lighter and more comfortable with 80% more vertical compliance than the previous version.

Sized for speed

Fast Road Race geo and fit

We looked at millions of data points to perfect Madone’s Road Race geometry. This positioning helps you ride your fastest by keeping you tucked out of the wind while still being accessible enough for a range of rider fits.

New size-specific tubes

Find your perfect size without sacrificing fast. We’ve optimised Madone’s tube shapes for smaller and larger bikes, so riders of all sizes can enjoy the absolute best look, feel and lightweight aero design.

New Road sizing

We updated our sizing system to fit an even wider range of riders while consolidating the number of sizes and reducing overlap to make it easier to find the right size for you.

20 years in the making  

Madone has been raced and refined for the past two decades to be the first up every climb,
the fastest down every descent and the lead through every sprint.

Our lightest and fastest Madone SL ever 
The ultimate race bike for more riders 

The all-new Madone SL boasts the same podium-topping tech as Madone SLR Gen 8 with a few key differences that bring the price down but keep performance high.

Same IsoFlow compliance tech as Madone SLR

Same Full System Foil aero tube shaping as Madone SLR

Fast and light 500 Series OCLV Carbon

Easily adjustable two-piece handlebar and stem

Want to make your Madone SL even faster?

Shop the same aero bottles featured on Madone SLR for an extra aero boost.


Which generation is right for you?  

Madone Gen 8

The ultimate ultra-light, ultra-aero race bike
• Our lightest and fastest road race tech
• New lighter-weight, more compliant IsoFlow technology
• Available in all-new 900 OCLV Carbon (SLR) or 500 OCLV Carbon (SL)
• New light, fast and aero Full System Foil tube shapes

Madone Gen 7

The original superbike built for pure speed  
• IsoFlow compliance tech
• Available in 800 or 500 OCLV Carbon
• Fast Kammtail Virtual Foil tube shapes

Émonda Gen 3

The original ultra-lightweight race bike
• No IsoFlow compliance tech
• Available in 800 and 500 OCLV Carbon
• Lightweight design optimised for climbing


Comfortably go the distance with the smooth, fast and fun Domane.

Speed Concept  

Get your fastest split with the ultra-aero triathlon and time trial bike.