Up to you to prioritize work, adventure and happy hour. The Vale Go! is not just another e-bike. Fortunately, you’re not just another e-biker. The unique design features a Bosch motor and integrated battery in a universal step-thru frame, combining the latest in e-bike technology with distinct Electra style. Everyday errands? Long commute? Fun getaway? The Vale Go! can handle it all.


The powerful Bosch Active Line Plus motor lets you charge up hills with ease and ride for miles without breaking a sweat.


The Bosch Kiox display delivers Bluetooth connectivity and advanced rider information like speed, performance, battery charge and more.


Tucked away for a covert look, the integrated battery provides power for up to 80 miles / 130 km.

Outfitted with larger Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires, a suspension seat and a rear rack for pannier bags, the Vale Go! is up for wherever you want to take it. Go explore the city. Go for a weekend cruise. Grab some sunscreen, a book and a towel and go spend the day at the beach. The Vale Go! can handle it and is willing to show you what it can do.

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